Michael Monroe and his One Man Gang


By AC Speed

31 July 2019

A Rock and Roll original...

A genuine rock star since birth, Michael Monroe innately knows exactly how to sing, swagger and walk the most glamorous and colourful of walks.

Everybody’s pissing on their own parade - Michael Monroe

“whether that’s voting stupid people into power and then complaining about them or whatever, but I’m all about living with a P.M.A. – positive mental attitude – and I’ll never allow myself to be forced away from that.”

On the 18TH OCTOBER 2019…

...Michael Monroe returns with a dangerous and dirty new record featuring Rich Jones, Steve Conte, Sami Yaffa, Karl Rockfist. ONE MAN GANG.

In the ‘80s, Hanoi Rocks had a very special relationship with Japan - Monroe

“it will always be one of my favourite countries. Plus, they still live for rock ‘n’ roll as it should be celebrated, they still have physical product, they still make it crazy, exhausting and really exciting every time you go there, which I am really grateful for.”