Worldwide Negative brings blackened riffs screaming into a modern metal era


By Kat Skarpetowska

02 August 2019


After an immensely fantastic reaction to their 2016 release “Peace in Our Time”, Northampton based Krysthla are coming back with a follow up release this August, their third studio album titled “Worldwide Negative”.

The 5-piece extreme metal band...

...who in the past have toured with Decapitated and supported the likes of Slayer and Gojira, implement a variety of sounds in this new release.

Bloodstock Festival 2019

You can catch them destroying the main stage at Bloodstock this year.

What does this record mean to the band?

"‘Worldwide Negative’ is an album with more of an introspective view towards ourselves as the human race, how we impact the world and each other. In the pursuit of happiness, safety and security we're slowly destroying our sense of empathy" - Neil Hudson, Krysthla guitarist

A serious contender for Metal record of the year!

It has already been given extensive airplay on Kerrang!, Primordial and Bloodstock Radio to name a few, as well as was voted #1 by Metal Hammer’s Louder readers, in the tracks of the week, which also saw Slipknot in the top 3.