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Posted 29.03.2019 09:03 Updated 29.03.2019 10:13

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Next month, Astronoid are set to release their second album ‘Astronoid’ . It’s the follow up to 2016’s release, ‘Air’ and the band have recently released the second single off of the album ‘A New Color’.

From the off-set, ‘A New Color’ is genre defying, “genre-defying” is a word that seems to get thrown around alot, yet with this release Astronoid really have earned it. ‘A New Color’ reunites us with the heaviness that fans are already well acquainted with, and mixes that with dreamy riffs.

‘A New Color’ is different to everything we’ve seen before by Astronoid, and is a bold step forward from their debut release ‘Air’. Lead singer and guitarist Brett Boland states that ‘A New Color’ was ‘pivotal’ in the writing process and it ‘solidified’ the direction of this second album.

Within this single, Astronoid team together elements of many genres which bond together to form something unique, bold and beautiful. ‘A New Color’ has a beautiful mid-section and filled with positive tones that many fans know and love. The vocals within this track are harmonious and float like clouds over much heavier and aggressive instrumentals.

This track cements Astronoid’s potential, and places them as one of the bands to keep a close eye on in the next 12 months. With their second album being based around decline and regrowth and life lessons, their upcoming release is certainly not to be missed.

Astronoid have, within ‘A New Colour’, grown from their first album and have found their niche. Dreamy vocals are strengthened with powerful instrumentation which has been crafted for you to enjoy.