REVIEW // Astronoid broaden new horizons of post-metal with new album

Astronoid are a five-piece band from Boston, USA with influences ranging from Devin Townsend and Mew to Alcest and Cynic
Posted 28.01.2019 09:03am Updated 28.01.2019 10:13am

Astronoid Album

Astronoid Review

A few years ago, Astronoid blew fans away with their debut album, Air. Their attempt to make ‘heavy’ music ‘dreamy’ helped to broaden the horizons of post-metal. Now, Astronoid are back with their second album, ‘Astronoid’.

Opening track, ‘A New Color’ sets the scene for the journey that’s about to commence with Astronoid’s dreamy vocals being teamed with powerful instrumentation that team together seamlessly.

Second track and also first single, ‘I Dream In Lines’ provides ethereal vocals, that soar yet are gentle all at once and bind them with distortion and reverb. As the track ventures towards it’s chorus the instrumentation slows slightly, yet this track certainly still packs a punch.

‘Lost’ really is a standout track, with a slow introduction which opens up into an extremely unexpectedly heavy riff which is fuelled with anger. Within this slowing down, Astronoid put their technicality and complexity into the spotlight whilst being highly emotive and resonating within the listener.

‘Fault’ opens more cautiously than those before it, yet is then charged with the progressive sound that fans know and love. The vocal harmonies within this track are simply stunning, whilst the drumming and guitars are tense, yet equally seductive.

“The main themes of the record are overcoming self-doubt and creating art in general,” explains Boland. “We were away from home for so long that we’d be lying if we said the road had nothing to do with the material. A lot happened. Dan got married. I got engaged. There were ups downs. Our lives are ultimately reflected in the music.” - Astronoid

‘Water’ has a depressive pace, with vocals that seem to be trapped within it. Yet just as the mid section of this track hits, the vocals seem to break free from their chains and soar.

‘I Wish I Was There When The Sun Set’ has a heavy riff that further accentuates the vocals, making this track seriously enjoyable and towards the end soaring guitars also step up which add even more emotion to the track. Overall this track is very reminiscent of Astronoid’s previous release, Air.

The following track, ‘Beyond the Scope’ is much different to the others. With an angry riff with contrasting vocals and guitar riffs which delve into levels that you wouldn’t really expect. The drums kick in later into this song, making it slightly more similar to their other works, yet still much different to the previous tracks upon this album.

Album closer, ‘Ideal World’ has an amazing guitar riff which is also insanely distinctive and the vocals really do stand out against it.

Astronoid hit the ground running with their debut release, Air, and kept on that path with this second release, this album has the ability to take you to a different place, a completely different emotion. This album certainly has its own atmosphere, and leaves you eagerly waiting to see what Astronoid will do next.

WATCH // Astronoid - 'A New Color'


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