Break down the boundaries of Space and Time with Outright Resistances Cargo Cult

Cargo Cult is one of those rare records you can become utterly infatuated with until your ears bleed.
Posted 13.03.2019 09:03am Updated 13.03.2019 10:13am

Cargo Cult

Outright Resistance

As we creep deeper and deeper into the never-ending world of new bands taking over social media, YouTube, Spotify, and every other overly saturated platform you could possibly imagine, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find those “Fuck me this is amazing” type of bands and albums.

You know that one album you found in the darkest corner of your favourite record store and couldn’t wait to force every one of your friends to listen to it. By the way, a record store is a magical place where the boundaries of space and time cease to exist as you become overwhelmed with the intensity of what it has to offer. Very much like the Debut album from UK MetalCore act ‘Outright Resistance’.

The most exciting MetalCore band to emerge from the dominant UK scene in recent years is easily Architects. They’ve been through Holy Hell and back to get where they are today and truly deserve all the success coming to them. However, there is a serious lack of intense and passionate MetalCore bands that can really stand up to the standards of heavy hitters such as Architects. Outright Resistance are the new excitement we all need in our lives.

MetalCore seems to be treated as a genre that requires the music to be dragged through every distorted effects pedal on the planet, lay down as many different time signatures as you can in the space of 30 seconds and beef up those “sick” breakdowns as much as possible until they’re heavy enough to destroy a small planet. This gets really boring after years and years of listening to 100s of different metalcore bands try and reproduce this standard template.

Outright Resistance have focused on the classic aspects of MetalCore whilst still trying to achieve their own unique sound and melody. They’re not completely innocent of avoiding some of the common traps of writing a MetalCore album, however, they have done something most MetalCore albums fail to achieve. Outright Resistance have stamped their own unique identity onto their debut record Cargo Cult. Think of iconic 90s metal outfits such as Static X, Mudvayne, and Coal Chamber and you can hear their sound straight away. These bands left their own mark on the metal genre and are unforgettable. Outright Resistance have the potential to leave their own mark on the blackened pages of MetalCore.

Cargo Cult is one of those rare records you can become utterly infatuated with until your ears bleed. Cargo Cult is just the start.

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