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Posted 29.01.2019 09:03am Updated 29.01.2019 10:13am

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With the imminent release of the long-awaited Black Metal documentary, Lords Of Chaos set to hit the big screen in the coming weeks, you can be sure to expect a surge of interest in black metal, death metal, and the fascination with the dark arts that become synonymous with the birth of one of the most demonic forms of music to evolve in modern times.

True Norwegian black metal took its roots in Oslo, Norway in the late ‘80s drawing from early influences such as Venom, Slayer, and thrash. Black metal spread throughout the Scandinavian regions, and throughout parts of Germany. It was seen as a more violent, sadistic and sinister form of art set to conquer the souls of the innocent.

Many death metal bands followed the rituals of their Norwegian overlords in the hope of achieving eternal glory in Death Metal Valhalla and earning them a seat next to their gods, however, many failed.

Death Metal is an extremely skilled craft to master, what may seem like noise and chaos to some, is appreciated as a melodic dark soundtrack to an otherwise unreachable existence.

When a young group of musicians formed in 2007, in Eisenberg, a small and mysterious town in Thuringia, Germany, they had only their ambition, anger, and a desire to conquer. Little did we know that in the coming years we were to be graced with some of the finest death metal Germany had to offer.

Deserted Fear released their debut album, My Empire, in 2012 which was held to high standards and received much acclaim by avid death metal fans, however, it wasn’t a groundbreaking album and drew very heavily on the roots of death metal. Although it was produced by Dan Swanö, it certainly wasn’t the bands defining moment in their career. You could say it lacked personal character from the band, however, it was their first record and still quite an achievement considering the genre.

WATCH // Welcome To Reality

As the band progressed onto their second record, Kingdom Of Worms in 2014, it was clear from the beginning that they were here for the long haul. Bigger production, bigger riffs, and a more refined vocal. The vocal progression is very important to highlight, not just for Deserted Fear, but with the death metal genre. It’s a talent very few can master and it can take musicians years to even start to deliver anything that even closely resembles an audible death metal scorch. Manuel Glatter (vocals), however, seems to be gifted with the power of the metal gods and from the first album demonstrates his diversity and control on each record. Growing stronger with each new release.

We generally tend to find that most artists will release a “stunning” debut, followed by an “OK” follow up and then they go one of two ways, up, or down. Deserted Fear have decided they’re going to ride black fireball chariots of chaos to the skies of Death Metal Valhalla and reign down eternal destruction with each new offering.

Deserted Fear not only released two incredible albums early on in their career but also delivered an astonishing third record in 2017, ‘Dead Shoes Rising’. Again, showcasing their development and natural talent for one of the most incredibly difficult genres to master. This is a rare achievement for even veteran metal bands to attain.

So, once a band reaches a certain point in their career, it's pretty impossible for them to keep delivering such diversity time and time again. Every artist will eventually release a record that puts them in their place and reminds them that they are not invincible, they are not gods and they are mortal beings. This brings us on to the fourth album presented to us by death metal giants Deserted Fear, ‘Drowned By Humanity.

...Deserted Fear are immortal!

Not only does ‘Drowned By Humanity’ draw on the dark roots of death metal, it also takes the souls of all previous Deserted Fear records and merges them into one hellfire forged demon of chaos. Musically, this is without doubt their heaviest record. This is usually where most bands collapse and devour themselves in trying to achieve that “monster” sound, yet Deserted Fear have shown that they truly understand their craft and what it takes to create cohesive death metal, whilst retaining the beautiful dark melodies synonymous with the band.

Drowned By Humanity is a truly impressive creation, although the record definitely touches on more commercial aspects of the metal genre in parts, it doesn’t distract from how powerful and dark the message is. Deserted Fear have managed to consistently release innovative and challenging records since their debut in 2012 and Drowned By Humanity is a shining example of how to conquer the fucking world.

We often think, who will replace the founders and icons of Death Metal, and other metal genres when the gods are laid to rest. Who will we worship? Who will we bow down to? Who will inspire us? Deserted Fear are your new Death Metal overlords...

And yes, you can expect to hear another Deserted Fear War Cry intro on the new record!

Line-Up: Fabian Hildebrandt – Guitars Manuel Glatter – Guitars/ Vocals Simon Mengs – Drums

“Drowned By Humanity” (47:46):
01. Intro (01:42)
02. All Will Fall (03:48)
03. An Everlasting Dawn (03:33)
04. The Final Chapter (04:08)
05. Reflect The Storm (03:48)
06. Across The Open Sea (00:27)
07. Welcome To Reality (04:18)
08. Stench Of Misery (03:57)
09. A Breathing Soul (04:20)
10. Sins From The Past (03:19)
11. Scars Of Wisdom (05:16)
12. Die In Vain (03:52)
13. Tear Of My Throne (re-recorded) (05:00)

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