CULTURE // Flat Earthers accidentally prove themselves wrong in own experiment

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Posted 26.02.2019 09:03am Updated 26.02.2019 10:13am

Flat Earth


Behind The Curve

So, if you don’t know what a Flat Earther is you must have been living under an evenly linear piece of rock. The Flat Earth “theory” recently gained momentum again during the past few years thanks to a collection of absolute morons that discovered YouTube and how to use Reddit.

We’re not going to call this a Theory anymore because a Theory can only be called a Theory if it actually has some sort of evidence or set widely accepted ideas to potentially prove that there is a higher chance of the statement being correct, than that of it being completely obscured. The “idea” of the Earth being flat is an astonishingly dumb one.

You’ll be pleased to know that a group of Flat Earthers managed to have an entire documentary created about them and their quest to prove the Earth is indeed as flat as their intelligence.

The documentary called, ‘Behind The Curve’ follows a group of academically challenged modern-day chimps with technology in their quest to literally disprove 100 of years worth of credible science.

During the documentary, one of the main “Flat Earthers”, Jeran decides to set up an experiment to prove the Earth is flat, in which he manages to prove the Earth is actually a globe. (Slowest clap in recorded history).

Jeran sets up two pieces of board with a hole in each one of equal height and distance, 17ft off the ground and proclaims that his friend will shine a light through the hole to prove the Earth is flat. Also stating that they will shine the light from a height of 23ft to prove the Earth is not a globe. In order for Earth to be flat, you should only be able to see the light when it is held at 17ft….oh no.

We’re going to let Jeran take it from here...


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