In a world of talentless saturated pro tool tyrants, SPQR will flourish

Released 26th April 2019 via Modern Sky UK

Katie Macbeth  STAFF WRITER
Posted 01.04.2019 09:03 Updated 01.04.2019 10:13

SPQR Album

Low Sun, Long Shadows

SPQR are set to release their new EP, ‘Low Sun, Long Shadows’ in April. SPQR are from Liverpool, England and are known for their stage shows, which are simply insane. The band have already gained quite a large following based on their previous release and even more from their live shows.

‘Low Sun, Long Shadows’ opens with previously released single, ‘Slowly’. An effortless, energetic number which opens with melodies reminiscent of Everything Everything. Lyrically, the track sees the band contemplate what it means to be human and how we all depend on each other for comfort. ‘Slowly’ is a wonderful, reassuring track which finishes ablaze with the repetition of ‘Keep breathing slowly’.

The second track on the EP, and second single, is ‘Our Mother’s Sons’, a perfect juxtaposition from soft to heavy. When asked about this track, Peter stated that it ‘captures opposing mental states well: the burst of anger and frustration that needs to come out, and then the quiet contemplation of why.’ The track sees the band explore themes of self-doubt, and shows Peter Harrison at his most vulnerable.

SPQR announced their signing to Modern Sky Records towards the end of 2018, a label that is home to The Blinders, Calva Louise, SPINN, etc. The band have appeared at various different venues and festivals across the UK and are set to appear at Sound City and Blue Dot festival later this year.

Everyone has such a loud voice now that I just want mine to disappear. I just create for me and I perform live, mostly, for me. It’s getting less about me as more people become interested, though. When people get invested in the band I feel invested in them. I want them to do well and be happy, and I want to give them something back
- Peter Harrison

‘Josephine’ is a somewhat of 'wacky' number which offers dynamic instrumentation with outstanding vocals throughout. Final track ‘This Gore’ offers an eclectic dystopian sound. Reminiscent of the powerful and discordant era of early Fugazi records.

‘Low Sun, Long Shadows’ offers a seriously fresh take on several genre's including grunge, punk, and even touching on metal in parts. In a world of talentless saturated pro tool tyrants, SPQR will flourish with their own unique style. A style that puts them above even some of the most innovative creators in recent times when it comes to musical diversity.

Low Sun, Long Shadows could quite possibly offer four of the most innovative songs you're going to hear in 2019.

Within this EP, SPQR have truly excelled themselves, every track on this EP is unique and lyrically stunning. SPQR are going to be huge this year, this is only the beginning for them.