It’s hard to ignore a Metal track when it blows up your speakers...

Posted 02.04.2019 09:03 Updated 02.04.2019 10:13

House of Hatchets

Metal Music News

Every day we sift through dozens of PR emails, band submissions, social media messages, and more YouTube videos than you’ll probably ever watch in your entire lifetime. Most of the time we’re disappointed with the low quality of the recording, production, and overall effort that goes into the creation of what we’ve had to sit through to find that diamond in the rough. That one video that makes you sit back and say “fuck this is good”.

On occasion, we’ll get sent a band we’ve never heard of by a label and we’re pleasantly surprised by the single/album they ask us to check out. Today, this resulted in our speakers actually blowing up in the office.

To put this into perspective, we don’t settle for cheap USB speakers from your local thrift store. We like to fully appreciate the music we’re listening to so we have a relatively high-end PA setup with Tannoy monitors and Behringer power amps etc so if we really want to, we can make our ears bleed. Basically, they can take a beating.

We decided to give this new single ‘The Moth Song’ a spin by ‘House of Hatchets’. To be honest, the first 30 seconds or so we thought “probably going to suck” (sorry guys, that’s what we think about the first 30 seconds of most things we hear!) but when the track kicked in at about 1 minute we felt the holy grail of new music...GOOSEBUMPS!!!

It’s super rare that you get goosebumps on the first listen of a song, especially from a band you've never heard of before. In our infinite wisdom, we had to crank up the speakers and play this super heavy behemoth again, only this time when the track kicked in, our speakers decided to pop! House of Hatchets had blown the fuse in our power amp!

The production on this single is incredible and the guys that make up House of Hatchets have created a seriously heavy hitter. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of early Linkin Park in parts with a mix of Architects style power-riffs with 90s metal guitars all cohesively put together extremely intricately.

With influences ranging from Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Deftones and Funeral for a Friend, this Edinburgh based Alt-Metal outfit are certainly ones to watch.

Their debut album, Reach, which arrives on Friday 21st June. We’ll invoice you for the fuses lads.