During my 14 years of avid veganism and passionate love for all things Rock and Metal, especially 80s Hair Metal, I’ve become increasingly aware of just how easy it is to find decent, affordable vegan options when it comes to jackets and boots. However, two specific options have eluded most people for many years simply due to a lack of interest from commercial outlets, yet, a constant rise in veganism has forced many high street, and online retailers, to take note and start to offer a more compassionate line of clothing.

The material used to create faux leather jackets in the past used to resemble something like a trash bag in terms of durability, texture and sound. After a few months, you’d quickly start to see huge chunks of material just tearing away from the shoulders and patches gathering around the pockets from daily use. Not to mention the horrific squeaky noises that used to amplify your arrival into any office space. And, for some strange reason, when large chains started to sell faux vegan leather jackets, instead of just replicating traditional Leath Jacket designs, which is what we all wanted, they used a blind chimp to create an item that hardly resembled a jacket in any form. Much like when food outlets started to produce vegan burgers made from potatoes, fairy dust and carrots. When really, we just wanted something chewy that looked and tasted like a burger, but without all the death.

My latest Faux Leather Jacket has so far lasted me a year and a half and there’s hardly a mark or patch on it. It resembles a traditional biker jacket, has a thick feel to it, padded shoulders and some mean zippers. It cost around 60 Euros which is a bargain considering it’s vegan and doesn’t rip open like a trash bag if you catch it on something. I found this beauty in H&M. They currently have some awesome Vegan Leather Jackets in stock for males and females. I’ll list some below, as well as some other great finds I discovered whilst trawling the web. I also found a vegan sleeveless biker jacket in an H&M store about 3 years ago, and again, hardly a mark on it. If you’re wondering, I wear the Jacket below almost every day and have done since purchase so it’s not like it’s been sat in my wardrobe hidden from the elements. I guess I have to put this as the BEST Faux Vegan Leather Jacket you can buy right now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if they sell this one anymore.

However, ZARA also has a decent selection of Faux Leather Jackets at the moment, including a biker style one, available in Black and Red.

Faux Leather Biker Jacket - ZARA

At the time of writing this, the jacket was priced at around $130. Check the website here to see if there’s any sale on or find a local store (US/EU/UK) for similar styles. Check here to see price and shipping.

Another great place to look for a wide range of Faux Leather Jackets is Asos. Not only do they sell their own collections and branded jackets, but they also act as a huge market place for other high street stores to sell their goods through. You can often find a great selection here for men and women.

Faux leather biker jacket with hood in black - River Island

Obviously, this comes with a hood which is ideal if you live in colder climates or just like to try and look “edgy” by wearing it up all the time with your aviators and hangover combination. Check here to see price and shipping.

ASOS DESIGN faux leather biker jacket in black

A slightly simple design compared to a traditional full-on biker style jacket from ASOS but also half the price of the ones above! Still with standard notch lapels, and functioning pockets comprised of 92% Polyester, 7% Cotton, 1% Viscose and the coating is 100% Polyurethane with a 100% Polyester lining. Check here to see price and shipping.

ASOS DESIGN faux suede biker jacket in black

Yep! A vegan suede biker style jacket! The first of its kind I’ve ever seen in my 14 years of being vegan! I’m sure there are others but I stopped looking for one year ago because I just could never find one. And it’s a reasonable price. Check here to see price and shipping.

ASOS DESIGN Tall faux suede biker jacket in burgundy

Another faux suede biker style from Asos but with extra length and somewhat of a 70s style colour to bring out your inner Zeppelin. Same price as above. Check here to see price and shipping.

ASOS DESIGN biker jacket in black faux fur

Asos is kind of taking over this list. Probably the most “rockstar” jacket you can own. As seen by the likes of Marylin Manson and Till Lindemann of Rammstein on many occasions. The Biker Fur Jacket is not only one of the most iconic when it comes to Rock and Metal fashion, but it’s also the warmest! And, according to Asos, this jacket is “seriously strokable.” Check here to see price and shipping.

Faux Croc trench coat contrast lime stitch in black

Now, if you want something completely different that will see you stand out in any crowd, you could go for this otherworldy Vegan Croc print leather trench coat. If Neo was played by Marilyn Manson in The Matrix, this is 100 percent what he would have worn. Check here to see price and shipping. No blue or red pills included.

Calvin Klein Jeans denim trucker jacket in mid wash

Let’s not forget the classic denim jacket! It goes with almost anything, looks great with a hoodie underneath, super easy to wash and will last you a long time. Whilst most Denim jackets are made from 100 percent cotton, some will have a leather label sewn into them, so double-check. Check here to see price and shipping.

The Long Song Coat Faux Leopard Print Fur

This is, without doubt, the most extravagant of them all! The full-length Rock Star Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket. Looks great on both sexes but very few people can actually pull this off. So, good luck if you decided to try! Check here to see price and shipping.

Snakeskin Fenix Vegan

And last, but by no means least, this awesome Faux Snakeskin jacket by We The Free. The same makers that brought you the incredible Leopard Print offering above! This one needs no further explanation. Check here to see price and shipping.

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