A UK US trade deal could mean visa free touring for British and American bands

It’s not all bad news...

Posted 27.07.2019 09:03
Updated 27.07.2019 10:13




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With Brexit pushing into its fourth year of going nowhere and still burning an ever pointless path of zero progress into the hearts of British citizens, we are all still none the wiser as to the future relationships that may develop or be destroyed when it comes to EU and global agreements. It’s also pretty safe to assume that the current “deal” is dead, not that it ever had a pulse, to begin with.

As the UK has now been left with, quite possibly, one of the dumbest leaders in history, we need to question what lies ahead as he teams up with the other dumbest leader in history. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump say they are currently working on a huge trade deal between the UK and the US. Which, by the way, would mean the UK would almost certainly need to leave the EU without a deal for this apparent monumental trade agreement to be secured.

Johnson and Trump said they would begin formal negotiations "as soon as possible" after the UK leaves the EU in a recent report by the BBC.

One of the greatest benefits of being part of the EU, from a British perspective, is the fact you can live and work anywhere you wish. This also means UK artists can tour freely across Europe without the need for a visa. Hop in your van, jump on a ferry and you’re off! The same applies to EU artists touring the UK, no visa needed to play some of the most iconic music venues in the western world.

A trade deal between the UK and the USA could see a visa waiver program for a variety of occupations, including musicians. Most countries offer easy access to their country if you can bring a certain skill or talent with you. An application will still come with a cost and no guarantee you’ll be granted access to an open door to a new land.

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However, the big problem here is simple. The Tories are not exactly known for their love of supporting independent entertainment, the arts, or cultural initiatives. Although, Trump seems to be great friends with artists such as Kanye West, and more recently Asap Rocky. Considering West likes to casually drop in on Trump, and Kanye's wife seems to enjoy an open-door policy to the White House when it comes to influencing Trump's decisions (which is insane), this could open up discussions into visa-free touring for US artists in the UK and vice versa. Not to mention America's love for iconic English artists.

The blindingly obvious issue with this is the sheer cost of a band executing a tour across the Atlantic. Although many bands and artists manage to finance these types of tours, given the fact that the rich are probably about to get richer, and the poor are probably about to get poorer, this will likely benefit no one.

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