An 80s Thrash Metal inspired comic book is about to launch

Maurice and The Metal is a partnership with Marvel illustrator Jesse Hamm

Posted 24.04.2019 09:03 Updated 24.04.2019 10:13

Maurice and The Metal

Thrash Metal

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An Australian based metal lover is about to launch a brand new comic book inspired by his love for metal. Forming a partnership with US comic artist Jesse Hamm, MAURICE AND THE METAL tells the story of a young metalhead in the 80s who discovers he has incredible strength when he listens to Heavy Metal Music.

He discovers that his new found powers come from his walkman which has been possessed by the spirit of a Black Sabbath Roadie.

Aaron Sammut, the creator of the concept, has worked in the music industry in Brisbane, Australia, as a performance photographer and magazine designer for the past 15 years whilst Jesse Hamm has illustrated comics for such publishers as Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Boom!, and Dynamite, drawing the adventures of characters such as Batman, Hawkeye, Flash Gordon, and The Phantom.

Maurice is the drummer of a hometown thrash band, formed with his friends Kevin, ‘Los’ Carlos, and Daniel. The comic tells an often too familiar story of a band trying to hit the big time whilst working jobs they hate.

The first issue is available for digital purchase now at comixology (available on the same virtual racks as all the superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics!) and if a tactile experience of reading a physical comic is preferred, a limited edition glossy version is available at