Playing punk rock in the city, The city of class, Sucking rich cock in the city, The city of class...
- Bitch Queens

The city is, of course, Basel, Switzerland. A city more known for between-state cooperation within the financial sector, as opposed to the raunchy Glam Punk Rock n’ Roll on offer throughout the record in question.

Enter, 'City Of Class', the latest (and greatest?!) from Basel’s finest, Bitch Queens.

Whilst Bitch Queens are certainly not newcomers to the, currently in turmoil, European Punk scene in any way - along with being familiar with the US and Japanese touring circuit - most people probably haven’t heard of them. A great recipe for piquing the interest of any underground rock fan whenever something new is released.

City Of Class is a future classic Bitch Queens record. Current disciple's of the debauched Swiss rockers will be pleased to hear many of the common traits laid down in previous albums, with the new LP also offering a much angrier, harder edge to the bands sound. It's certainly the most "Fun" collection of songs they've released to date.

From the intro to the last note, there are hints of everything between Turbonegro, Backyard babies, Motörhead and Iron Maiden (just don’t tell Steve Harris) and somehow it all blends together into a great mix of Punk, Glam, and Heavy Rock.

City Of Class is fast, serious, humorous and not to mention an all-out attack against everyone and everything. From the funny lyrics of second track Vote For Pedro to the seriously angry When Did I Die leaning into the poppy but yet profusely aggressive On And On, you can tell Bitch Queens means business.

Bitch Queens have always been a powerfully cohesive outfit, but this is another level of fuck off from - or direction towards - the usually neutral Swiss people. There is not a single song on this album that is remotely bad. It is a lesson to anyone claiming Rock N’ Roll to be dead. Yowzah, as Axl probably would have said if he ever cared to have a listen.

Author Bio: Felix Österman

Music Editor

I’ve always had a love for guitar driven music. Born and raised with a punk or new wave record playing in the background at all times. I started playing bass in bands around the age of 14 and for the past seven years I’ve played punk rock across Europe with my band. I’ve also helped to found two different punk festivals in Stockholm, Sweden. Other interests are Vivarium building, gaming, football and cheap lager.


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