Cultdreams - ‘Not My Generation’ No Light at the End of Channel Tunnel Vision

Punk angst without the message...?

Dale Lafferty  STAFF WRITER
Posted 16.07.2019 09:03
Updated 16.07.2019 10:13

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After taking time out from touring around the world, Lo-fi Punk/Shoegaze band Cultdreams are back with a vengeance for the UK with a new album, new single, and new tour.

From August the band will embark on a headline tour of the UK, with the album ‘Things That Hurt’ releasing on August 16th. The latest single released from the album is ‘Not My Generation’.

The new angst driven track does not wait around and hits you with a wall of sound, only the snare drum cuts through to give you bearings. When the guitar breaks into a melody, the feel of the song changes, time signatures change from five beat rages to dreaming in sixes. The song is then left open for singer Lucinda Livingstone to give you a piece of her mind.

I see men ignore misogyny, as if it’s not their problem, to act upon their sisters when they get touched inappropriately
- Cultdreams

In the verses it is realised that attacking a guitar is secondary to Livingstone’s lyrics, as she quickly highlights social and political injustice.

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“While everyone is still suffering, the country that we live in is fucking up everything. Politics and right wing shit. Not letting other people in. Ignoring what matters, whilst investing in ignorance.”

This defiant stand is reminiscent of classic punk, but that’s where similarities end with regards to that bold cultural movement.

With over three and a half minutes to fill, Cultdreams hold the lyrics back to only two verses in-which Livingstone highlights personal disrespect, gender injustice, social injustice, politics, Brexit, accusations of human ownership, accusations to a specific ethnic group, and finally, the loss of her father.

Cultdreams address many significant issues, but none of them in enough depth or with insight to inspire any change or thought. The topics and ideas are left undeveloped, which takes this song nowhere. Livingstone may even forsake her own points by sitting them in the shadow of a bigger can of worms.

With regards to Lo-fi Punk/Shoegaze, this production is lacking its own character, and does not compensate with quality. Punk music of the 70’s had much clearer vocals, which ultimately enhanced their points. Many of the points made in ‘Not My Generation’ are missed as a result of drowning.

That being said, if you have been affected by any of the topics raised by Cultdreams, or feel angry at a growing list of issues, then get yourself to one of their shows this August for some raw, angst driven Punk.


13.08.19 - Leeds - Headrow House (UK)
14.08.19 - Cardiff - Clwb Ifor Bach (UK)
15.08.19 - Bristol - Arctangent Festival (UK)
16.08.19 - London - Paper Dress Vintage (UK)


15.09.19 - Waldmeister, Solingen (DE)
16.09.19 - AZ, Aachen (DE)
17.09.19 - Kavka, Antwerp (DE)
18.09.19 - Southampton - Heartbreakers (UK)
19.09.19 - Oxford - The Library (UK)
20.09.19 - Leicester - Two Queens (UK)
22.09.19 - Manchester - Eagle Inn (UK)
23.09.19 - Middlesbrough - Westgarth Social (UK)
24.09.19 - Glasgow - Bloc (UK)

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