Once upon a time, Dave Grohl was nothing but a young, shy drummer that sat at the back of the stage in a little known band called Nirvana. Throughout the 90s, Nirvana became the biggest Grunge band on the planet, and one of the most successful Rock bands on Earth. The 90s also helped build a new loving relationship.

You know what Josh and I have been doing together? Riding motorcycles and eating waffles
- Dave Grohl

A relationship that probably means more to Dave Grohl than any other he’s had. Apart from with Whiskey, and Lemmy. As the now legendary frontman prepares to headline Reading & Leeds festival, he speaks to NME about his love affair with one of the most iconic Festivals around.

During the interview, Grohl talks about his early years at Reading and Leeds when Nirvana packed out a small tent and had to watch “security guards passing out from the heat” says Grohl as thousands of fans tried to cram into the show. “I looked out into the tent and fuck, it was packed. There were people climbing the rafters, scooting up those tent poles, there were thousands of people trying to get in from outside, and it was fucking chaos”

Grohl has become one of the most beloved musicians on the planet, he seems to be friends with anyone he meets and loved by everyone who knows him. Maybe his approach to making new friends could explain why. Foo Fighters recently toured with Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. “Is Frank Carter playing on our day? We’ve been doing shows with him and The Rattlesnakes across Europe. They’re such sweet guys and a fucking great band. I’m trying to get Frank to really start drinking heavily again.” says Grohl.

Grohl also gives an insight into what it must be like to tour with him. “Reading Festival is also one of those festivals where our bus pulls up, I grab a bottle of whiskey, and I just start knocking on doors. It’s how I’ve met most of my friends. What’s better than that?” he says.

We 100 percent agree with you Dave.

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