Demons has the potential to become a classic thrash metal record

5 Albums into their career and Savage Messiah are still delivering some incredibly melodic thrash metal to the masses.

Posted 20.05.2019 09:03
Updated 20.05.2019 10:13

Demons Album

Savage Messiah Album

Thrash Metal

(Photo by Ross Halfin)

Formed back in 2007, the band quickly started to build a dedicated following of metal heads, managing to land a deal with Candlelight Records the following year. Pretty impressive for a brand new band.

A notable achievement of the band's career was signing a licensing deal with a huge Japanese publisher, Trooper Entertainment. Something most bands can only dream of. It’s not easy getting your foot in the door when it comes to Japan and metal.

There’s this pessimistic attitude towards British metal musicians, but honestly, not many bands that started at the old King’s Head on Holloway Road ever got to play to 25,000 people in Japan or 45,000 on the main stage at Hellfest
- Silver

Hellblazer is, without doubt, one of the bands most memorable tracks to date and many bands struggle to break away from their ‘Hit’ song and their subsequent records forever live in the shadows of these former glories. However, Savage Messiah have definitely shown incredible progression with their songwriting over the years and continued to develop their own sound within a heavily saturated genre.

One of the key elements to any successful band is the vocal. Without a solid vocal, it’s irrelevant how fast you can shred over a frantic 220 tempo thrash beat and make it work. A poor vocal will always be the downfall of any group of musicians, regardless of their talent.

This is where Savage Messiah have the upper hand. Vocalist and Guitars, Dave Silver, started out in the industry with an already identifiable voice. The right amount of melody mixed with the perfect amount of rasp. The latest record ‘Demons’ is certainly no exception. A combination of experience and high-end production highlights Silvers control of his tone and pitch throughout the record.

You can almost picture a young Mustaine behind the microphone when blasting through ‘Heretic In The Modern World’.

Savage Messiah decided to use David Castillo to produce the latest record, renowned for his work with metal outfits such as Opeth, Dimmu Borgir and Soilwork for the recording sessions at Jens Bogrens’ Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. And the pay-off has been enormous.

The production on Demons has elevated Savage Messiah to a new level. There are some great metal bands in the UK right now, however, there’s also a lot of bands that don’t take their production and mastering seriously, and it shows. So to see a band like Savage Messiah combing their talent with a serious attitude towards their love for metal is admirable.

Demons has the potential to become a classic thrash metal record. And the guys deserve all the success that comes with it. Whilst some may debate it’s “thrash-ness” due to this record focusing a lot more on melody, you can’t deny it’s a powerful album. If anything, Savage Messiah have taken a step forward in trying to redefine Thrash in a way that makes it more accessible to the masses. The mould always needs to be broken, and Savage Messiah might just snap it clean in half if they stay this course.

Also, watch out for the creepy synth at the end of ‘Parachute’.

Savage Messiah Tour Dates

17.05.2019 Germany, Berlin, Lido
18.05.2019 Germany, Hannover, Faust
19.05.2019 Denmark, Copenhagen, Amager Bio
21.05.2019 Norway, Oslo, Rockefeller
22.05.2019 Sweden, Stockholm, Klubben
24.05.2019 Finland, Helsinki, The Circus
26.05.2019 Sweden, Gothenburg, Pustervik
28.05.2019 Germany, Hamburg, Knust
29.05.2019 Germany, Dresden, Beatpol
31.05.2019 Germany, Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
01.06.2019 Belgium, Vosselaar, Biebob
04.06.2019 UK, Coventry, Empire
05.06.2019 UK, Holmfirth, Picturedrome
06.06.2019 UK, London Electric, Ballroom
07.06.2019 France, Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge