Eva Bartok's Self Titled EP Will Ravage Its Listeners

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Kat Skarpetowska  STAFF WRITER
Posted 28.08.2019 08:03
Updated 28.08.2019 08:13

Eva Bartok Album

Eva Bartok Review

Cardiff’s three-piece post-punk rock band, Eva Bartok, have blessed the underground punk scene with a self-titled debut EP on the 23rd August. This 4 song release bursts with raw energy and very relatable chaos, battling the shallow mainstream music and adding a new depth to the underground industry. If you are a fan of Refused, Glassjaw, Every time I Die, Metz or Converge, this is the next band you need to check out.

Eva Bartok, who got their name from the famous, influential, Hungarian-British actress, focus on some important issues through their music: "A lot of the songs are about what's affecting so many people in our society; mental health being a huge discussion because that's a really big part of my life and music is one of the only things that has stopped me losing my mind", says vocalist/guitarist Chris Hampson. "We also feel very strongly about equal rights."

All the songs tell a story and have their own purpose; you will find subjects such as feeling trapped, relationships, politics, life itself and other affairs planted into the lyrics. Watch their latest video for the track “Chess Club” for a good laugh and an interesting storyline involving animal heads and cocaine.

This EP, clocking at just under 10 minutes, is jam packed with everything a modern punk could dream of; it gets in your face, its loud and it is confident. You will want to get up and scream in someone’s face. Eva Bartok challenge the modern ways and conventions of society, and the stubborn, powerful release we have here proves just that.

Chris Hampson (Vocals and guitar), Rob Pascoe (Bass and Vocals) and Mikey Brown (Drums) are responsible for the disarray on this record, with the songs being titled as “tracks of the week” by Louder (Metal Hammer), who have also added: "This splenetic post-hardcore act come hurtling out with froth round their mouths and murder in their eyes, brimming with wiry riffs and righteous ire!"

The EP is now available on iTunes and Spotify!

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