Seriously, what the hell happened to Rap music? It’s 2019 and N.W.A’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ still has fewer views on YouTube than some of the biggest “rap” songs of the modern era. For some strange reason, the biggest “rappers” of the day seem to be the likes of Nicki Minaj or anyone that puts ‘Lil’ in front of their name, and let’s not forget that gem of a “musician” Cardi B, who still to this day doesn’t appear to speak any language recognisable by humans. Check out YouTube’s daily trending videos and you can almost guarantee the top ten will consist of “rappers” that sound like they’re having a stroke. They all sing about money, weed, cars, and grills. Not to mention how many bitches they fuck whilst advertising their latest wardrobe purchase. Yeah, we get it, you know how to buy expensive clothes, congratulations, you’re parent’s must be really proud. And why the hell do they all mumble? Is it a prerequisite to lodge a wang in your mouth before you’re allowed in a studio?

The earth could be flat, the presidents could be aliens, And Americans might even be nicer than Canadians
- Tom MacDonald

If you want to be a modern rapper, just get yourself some Xanax, a huge wad of cash, a ton of weed, some Gucci apparel, rent a Lamborghini to sit on for a music video, say bitch about 100 times whilst having a stroke and hey presto, you’re a rapper. Thank Satan we still have icons such as Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Eminem. Rappers that actually address real issues, coherently. Sure, some of them still reference success in terms of finance, but the key to their credibility is writing from the heart, something literally no modern “rappers” seem to be able to understand, and that is exactly why they’ll never be remembered. However, one artist is at least showing some promise in terms of creativity. Tom McDonald. And what a normal name. Just Tom. He sounds like someone you’d bump into down your local boozer. “Alright Tom, how’s the rap going?”, “Yeah, good cheers”.

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper that first put a record out in 2014, LeeAnn’s Son. Unfortunately, his early attempts at becoming a Rap superstar were, at best, mediocre. Following the same old pattern of weed induced lyrics and a desire to get face tattoos. Lyrically, not incredibly impressive. Musically, showed more promise than anyone with Lil in front of their name. However, his latest releases are the reason he seems to have appeared on our radar. With a new album out, Ghostories, and a tour lined up with Falling In Reverse this fall, you can be sure to see and hear a lot more of him. His new single discusses a wide range of topics from the Illuminati to Big Pharma to processed food, and he also released an incredibly interesting song called ‘Buttholes’ accompanied by a music video with a pony.

“The earth could be flat, the presidents could be aliens, And Americans might even be nicer than Canadians” is one of many comical lyrics saturated throughout this track. “Maybe the feds killed Biggie and Pac, Maybe the Ku Klux Klan just needs some love and a hug, Maybe 9/11 really was an inside job, And the Christians are right - homosexuality's wrong”

You can still expect to see lavish surroundings, face tattoos, and tons of expensive clothing and jewellery, but at least he offers something entertaining in return instead of some skinny white guy with an oversized leather jacket hanging off his rib cage stumbling over a Mercedes shouting about Xanax.

Tom MacDonald started out as a professional wrestler in his teenage years fighting his way across Canada until relocating to Los Angeles to pursue his promising career in the music industry. You can be sure to see a lot more of him in 2020.

He’s basically Eminem if Eminem had ever been to a gym.

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