Frank Carter has certainly been through some extremely interesting times during his career as the former leader of Gallows, Pure Love frontman, and now his latest project, which is the seemingly most stable incarnation, as Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Still flying high from the success of their 3rd studio album, ‘End Of Suffering’, Frank carter, in a new interview, opens up about how Tom Morello came to be involved with ‘Tyrant Lizard King’, a song from the latest record. Frank also talks about how he had to climb out of a window halfway through a set at South By SouthWest because he was being watched by Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Dave Grohl, and Tom Morello, and couldn’t take the stress of having such icons in the room.

I’m like covered in blood and I look up and like all these guys are tapping their foot and I’m like fuck this I am fucking out of here
- Frank Carter

Frank explains how the title of ‘Tyrant Lizard King’ came to be. “It’s literally the Latin translation for Tyrannosaurus Rex, that’s what it means. I remember, I was with my daughter in the Natural History Museum and I saw that and I just remember being like “that is fucking….why is there no band called [Tyrant Lizard King]...ya know there’s a band called T-Rex...they missed a trick, like you know?”

“But Ultimately it was about a time when I’d spent a whole day with her and I got home and I wrote that song and it was just about, it was actually about me tryna process a lot of things, a lot of the bad behavior that I had in the time of my life, and where I was really, I was in this weird juxtaposition of like, one day I was a dad, and the next day I was a rock star trying to balance those things.”

“What I missed was that that’s just who I am, I’m all of those sides, depending on the day, like one of them is going to shine through a bit more than the other one.”

Guitarist Dean also explains how Frank actually wrote the riff for Tyrant Lizard King, making it Franks debut riff with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. “On this one, he [Frank] came with a riff.” says Dean to the surprise of the room. “This is Frank’s debut, deadly riff.”

“You [Frank] sort of sang it and recorded it at home in your head, and then sat with me on the sofa and tried to explain it to me for ages, that took us probably longer to work that out than to write the rest of the song”

Tom Morello, famously the guitarist of iconic political protest band, Rage Against The Machine, also formed a supergroup with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Audioslave, as well as releasing records with his latest outfit, Prophets Of Rage. Frank talks about how he met Morello and had to climb out of a window covered in blood during a set in a small bar with Morello, Dave Grohl, and Lars Ulrich in the room.

“So my old band, Gallows, we played with Rage Against The Machine, they took us on tour, we played some big shows with them in Hyde Park, Italy, and Dublin, and we just always stayed in touch”

“We were playing in South X SouthWest and I remember looking up and there’s Tom Morello and Lars Ulrich and a few other massive names, I think Dave Grohl was there as well, you know. It was in this tiny little bar and I remember seeing them across the room, we had like 4 songs left, and I just left. I literally climbed out a window...I was like, I can’t fucking do this, I had a massive breakdown…”

“You know I was just raging and we were just knackered you know, it was the middle of the day, it was like 3 pm, you know what I mean...and I’m like covered in blood and I look up and like all these guys are tapping their foot and I’m like fuck this I am fucking out of here, this is way too stressful like.”

Frank then goes on to explain how Morello ended up on ‘Tyrant Lizard King’. “He, I think from that, [Morello] has always respected me as a performer and obviously he raised me without knowing it, they are arguably the most important band in my life, easily top 3. I just texted him and asked if he could write a bridge and he said ‘Guess what I have some time’”

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