After Hank Von Hell left Turbonegro back in 2010, he seemingly disappeared into the dark Nordic abyss of which he once reigned supreme as the king of glam punk. With reports of drug addiction taking hold of the iconic sleaze punk frontman, Hank all but vanished into the ether. Little did we know he would return in 2018, going to Bum to Bum with the mighty Steve-O from Jackass, as well as teaming up with Deathstars guitarist and songwriter Eric Bäckman (Cat Casino) to deliver one of the most outstanding Rock and Roll records of the century, Egomania.

With a string of sensational hits such as Blood, Pretty Decent Exposure, and the title track itself, Egomania quickly became a classic among Turbonegro fans and Turbojugeng. After being away for so long, it really wasn’t clear how this was going to pan out, Hank’s return. Many artists have made comebacks, much to a very unwelcomed reception, however, Hank’s return was nothing short of impeccable. “This is my rebirth, for the like...fourth time, I guess. Or was it the third? Maybe the turd. I don’t know. But, regardless, this album is indeed about my journey back to hell. Back to what makes sense.” Hank said speaking in an interview with last year.

Hanks debut was released less than a year ago on November 2, 2018 so we really didn’t expect him to be back with a new record so soon. Today, Hank announced some details for his second record as Hank Von Hell. “People of the world. I present to you not one, but two major reveals. The official cover artwork for my upcoming album “DEAD” which will be released in early 2020” Hank said via Facebook. As of yet, Hank is yet to reveal the tracklisting or official release date for 2020. He did say he’ll be releasing the first single from the new record on 25th October, Blackened Eyes.

Although Hank Von Hell also revealed he worked with Mr. Tom Dalgety on this single, he wasn’t clear if the entire album would be produced by the Rammstein producer. However, the pair will most likely work on the full record together. Tom Dalgety recently helped produce Rammstein's latest studio album, Untitled, which was their first record since Liebe ist für alle da, released back in 2009. The album landed a number one chart position in 14 countries and was the fastest selling album in Germany this century, in its first week of sales.

People of the world. I present to you not one, but two major reveals
- Hank Von Hell

Tom Dalgety is an English Music Producer who has worked with the likes of Rammstein, Ghost, Royal Blood, Pixies, Killing Joke, and even Opeth, to name but a few. Dalgety was also nominated for Best Rock Song (Ghost's "Rats") at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Tom Dalgety has worked with Tobias Forge, leader of Swedish band, Ghost on his last 3 records, helping to produce and record, Prequelle, Ceremony and Devotion, and Popestar (EP).

Hank Von Hell has made some clear progress in terms of who he is as a person, and musician as he discussed in our interview. “Same Hank, different places in life. I still haven’t forgotten how to rule the stage and shake ass. That shit never got away. Perhaps it took an unwanted vacation during a certain amount of years…But never forgotten. Just needed to find the passport to get back from vacation you know.”

Hank Von Hells full statement reads as follows:

“People of the world. I present to you not one, but two major reveals. The official cover artwork for my upcoming album "Dead" which will be released in early 2020. First single from the new album will be released on October 25th, and it’s called "Blackened Eyes". The song is produced by the true master of Rock, Mr. Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Opeth, Pixies and many more). It’s getting darker...The Emperor has returned, once again.”

Hank Von Hell “Life man. Just Life. We’re all just fucking sharks looking for blood. If it’s not getting that blood in social media, as in thumbs and BS praises, it’s in other areas of life. Confirmation, Convenient solutions, Quick Fixes…We’re all just sharks. Everybody needs some blood, and preferably someone else's blood, to make them feel better. So, Blood. Think about that…” Read the full interview here.

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