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Posted 27.08.2019 08:03
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Post Malone

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If you’re an extremely passionate Rock and Metal such as myself, you’ll no doubt be very aware of the fact that the aforementioned genres aren’t exactly the hot topic for most people, but that’s nothing new. Rock and Metal have always experienced somewhat of a roller coaster ride when it comes to its popularity, but that’s the point, it’s not supposed to be popular. They’re genres written by dive bar inhabitants for dive bar inhabitants. They’ve always been an underground movement with hints of commercial appeal and that’s how it will most likely stay. Besides, if Rock and Metal took top chart positions every week then technically it would become pop music, by definition. Almost.

It still baffles the mind though, the biggest artists in the music industry at the moment seem to possess, quite literally, zero talent. With millions of views on YouTube and billions of streams on Spotify, you have to wonder “are people genuinely enjoying this type of music” or is it just like a car crash? You just can’t not look at it. We’re talking about artists such as the new Mumble Wrap Kings, and modern rap in general. The first thing you have to question in regards to originality and talent, or lack thereof, is the lyrical content.

Play 50 of the biggest “rap” songs right now and you can almost guarantee the following topics will be covered - popping pills (Mainly Xanax), popping people, guns, weed, cars, bitches and hoes, and being some form of hustler. On top of this, you’d be forgiven in thinking that they all share the same drum beat. They literally just pass it around on a USB stick. The video will feature at least a Bently, a gang of people with what are clearly modern handbags, dance moves your Dad could pull off, and wads of cash. Oh, and guns, tons of guns.

When rap started to break into the commercial music scene, we had artists like NWA, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Run-D.M.C, The Sugarhill Gang, The Geto Boys and more. Most of them still addressed similar topics, yet, their lyrical content was far more diverse and addressed political issues, police brutality, racism and many preached to younger generations to avoid the same path they took. Musically, individual artists were far more distinguishable from their peers, not to mention many of these albums and songs becoming iconic, and classic for their sound. More importantly, you could actually understand what the hell they were saying.

Modern Rap arguably has the biggest audience rap has ever had throughout its entire history, with some artists already passing the billion mark in terms of streaming, but will it be as iconic as its founders?

It’s safe to say that talentless mumble rappers probably won’t last the next ten years, hopefully. But what about artists such as Post Malone? He’s only 24 years old and already has 4 singles on Spotify that have passed the billion mark for streaming. Not to mention recently headlining iconic UK event, Reading and Leeds festival.

Post has released two records, STONEY in 2016, and Beerbongs & Bentleys in 2018. The first noticeable thing about either record is you can actually understand the vast majority of his lyrics. That’s a win straight away. Lyrically, fairly diverse whilst still covering some of the more common topics. Musically, definitely more substance than most of the rap you’d have to suffer through when shuffling Spotify. However, give Snoop Dogg's latest record a spin, ‘I Wanna Thank Me’, or Dr. Dre’s 2015 hit album, ‘Compton’ and you will instantly notice the difference between an experienced pro and a modern newcomer. Whilst Post is still early on in his career, so far, he hasn’t released anything incredibly prolific or groundbreaking.

His work, for the time being, could be described as ‘Decent pop music’ at best. Yet, he seems to be rising to be the biggest artist of 2019 along with Billie Eilish. Are these reputable musicians with a long prospective career ahead of them or industry investments being rinsed for a quick return heading for an even quicker fade out? Oh, and can we PLEASE stop with the auto tuned vocals? Like seriously, just stop.

It’s a cliche, but it’s true...They just don't make 'em like they used to.

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