CULTURE It looks like THANOS is a Metal Head (Actor Josh Brolin)

Well we can’t really imagine him singing along to Dolly Parton or the Spice Girls

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Josh Brolin

It appears that when gauntlet wielding supervillain THANOS isn’t busy invading Earth or being captured by the Guardians of the Galaxy, he enjoys a bit of down time at Metal shows. Metal music has always been cited by many as “life saving” which could explain why he keeps returning from the dead! Or maybe it's just because THANOS is a fictional character, we’ll never know.

It turns out that the actor who plays Thanos in the Avenger films, as well as appearing in Deadpool 2, and No Country For Old Men is a huge Metal Head! Josh Brolin was recently seen introducing Bad Wolves on stage at their show in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium, who are currently on tour with Papa Roach. Brolin can be seen hanging out backstage with Bad Wolves Frontman, Tommy Vext, and lead singer of Papa Roach, Jacoby Shaddix.

Tommy Vext said “Finally got to introduce two very influential and inspiring guy in my life to each other. The depth of gratitude I have for the example that these guys have been for me is inexplicable. What a great fuckin evening filled with music, family and inspiration. Thank you everyone who came out tonight & every night to support this incredible tour”

Maybe the next time Thanos is thinking about killing half of all life across the Universe, he might want to avoid wiping out some of his favourite bands.

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