You’ll know him as Aquaman, Khal Drogo, Declan Harp and Conan the Barbarian. He has a love for throwing axe’s, puppies, and being every woman’s wet dream, apparently. However, the real Jason Momoa seems to be a very soft soul with a passion for guitars and great music.

You never think that a movie about dragons is gonna do really well
- Jason Momoa

Taking a seat with Josh Horowitz of MTV News in a new interview, Jason Momoa opens up about his future plans in one of his favourite hangouts, a guitar shop in New York called, Rivington Guitars. Momoa has been pictured topless several times wielding a Gibson Les Paul, leaving many people to wonder if he can indeed be as handy with the instrument, as he is with an axe. Turns out, he’s not too bad with the other kind of axe as well.

“I stay around the corner and I love these guys and always come in,” explains Momoa. “I bought some of my first things here, I just love music, my mom surrounded me with music but I could never really afford any of this kind of stuff,” Momoa says gazing at a wall of expensive guitars.

“I love the blues and I just wanna grow and old and learn the blues,” he says. Momoa also explains his first job was dressing up as a giant peanut and dancing around the street. “My aunt ran Walgreens, she was a manager and so they had like a planters peanut and I went out there and put the thing on [peanut costume] and danced around in the street and it was fun because no one knew me.”

Although born in Hawaii, Momoa was raised in Iowa, also the birthplace of Slipknot. “It’s so different in Hawaii and when I go there I just feel connected, it’s paradise,” he says. “Growing up in Iowa, I think it’s amazing in the midwest. Where I grew up, THAT’S America.”

The Midwest is known as America’s heartland, responsible for the nation's manufacturing and farming sectors as well as its patchwork of big commercial cities. You certainly would not expect to see a character such as Jason Momoa produced there on a regular basis.

“You never think that a movie about dragons is gonna do really well,” explains Momoa, discussing some of his early casting roles as an actor. Game of Thrones obviously being a huge break for him in his career. “I finished Stargate Atlantis, I did four seasons of it, I was like ‘I don’t wanna do this kind of work, I wanna do movies, I want a shot at this’, I’d just been hiding up in Canada and no one knows me.”

Jason Momoa now has a new show on Apple TV called, SEE. The show’s premise sees Momoa play Baba Voss, the Cheif of Alkenny village where the villagers fight to protect themselves from an invading army of Witch Hunters. The Science fiction show officially launched November 1st and is available to watch here.

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