CULTURE Joaquin Phoenix on playing JOKER - ‘For me, the laugh was the way in initially’

This could be the most realistic JOKER we ever see

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Joaquin Phoenix

As we await the release of the highly anticipated new film, JOKER, which sees Joaquin Phoenix portray the Joker in what could be the most realistically disturbing version of the character to date, Joaquin Phoenix recently spoke to Spanish Media Rai in a new interview to discuss his role.

Throughout the entire course of production I think I was discovering new things about the character
- Phoenix

The trailer itself is somewhat terrifying as we see the Joker in an older state, a state where he is clearly physically and emotionally destroyed by the world around him yet he makes us believe that the fictional world he creates chaos in, is somehow a dark reflection of the world we are currently living in. Joaquin Phoenix really brings the Joker to life here, so expect to be blown away by the film! Phoenix has has received a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award and three Academy Award nominations. You may know him best from his roles in Gladiator, Walk The Line, Signs, and Earthlings.

Phoenix explains that he first heard about the project through director Todd Phillips who said “as much as this is a genre film, I want to approach it in as realistic a way as possible”. Phoenix says that they took everything they knew about the Joker from the original comics to try and add a certain reality to those things “for instance the white face because he’s a clown, the laugh is a kind of affliction” which Joaquin says was a really interesting way to approach a movie like this.

“For me, the laugh was the way in initially, but this was a character that...there was never a moment of ‘this is my preparation period’ and now I understand who this guy is and we start filming.” Phoenix says. “Throughout the entire course of production I think I was discovering new things about the character so it was such a great process to be part of...everyday we got to work where we were trying to find something more when it was already a great script that Todd had written with Scott Silver”.

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