Kat Von D is releasing an album...have a listen

As of yet, there is no official release date.

Posted 06.09.2019 08:03
Updated 06.09.2019 08:13

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It’s been an incredible year for music so far with Rammstein breaking records with their long-awaited new album, Slipknot landing a number one chart position and Killswitch Engage even managed to shift 50K copies of their new record, Atonement. So how can the year get any better we hear you cry? Well, probably not with an album from Kat Von D. We won’t completely write it off before hearing the full thing though.

After all, she’s an extremely creative person and a serious businesswoman. After rising to fame as a reality TV star and tattoo artist, Kat has had somewhat of a roller coaster ride in terms of her career and her personal life. Let’s not forget the “we’re not going to vaccinate our baby” fiasco recently. She now has a hugely successful makeup line and is an avid Vegan activist.

Kat Von D has been working on her first solo record for many many years and even released some teasers back in 2014, not to mention appearing on The 69 Eyes record, Rosary Blue, back in 2012. Kat married musician, Rafael Reyes, in 2018 who fronts an electronic band called, PRAYERS. This could very well be a Tim Armstrong / Brody Dalle setup then. Kat has openly played the piano for many years but we’ve never really seen any other than this.

Yesterday, she released a snippet of her new single, Satellite, which she describes as “one of the many melancholy anthems on this album for the hopeless romantics out there” so don’t expect anything too exciting from this record as it seems like it’s going to be a lovers soundtrack at its root. However, the first glimpse of music does sound quite interesting so maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. As of yet, Kat has given no official release date that we can see.

Kat posted a full statement on her instagram account along with the music (below) "So excited to finally release my album this coming Spring... and to finally be able to sing these songs to you on tour! Here’s a teeny-tiny sneak peek from a song I wrote called “Satellite” - one of the many melancholy anthems on this album for the hopeless romantics out there. ❤️"

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