Led Zeppelin recorded their first album just 2 weeks after forming the band

The album took just 30 hours to record and mix.

Posted 19.04.2019 09:03 Updated 19.04.2019 10:13

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As Led Zeppelin celebrate 50 years of incredible music, the band are releasing a series of short stories called ‘Led Zeppelin HIstory’ where they reveal details about the beginnings of the band and some interesting facts about their early years.

In 1968, four young men, Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham, formed what would become the greatest rock band of all time. With their roots heavily founded in blues and psychedelia, they would go on to write some of the most iconic rock songs of the century.

The group had only been together two and a half weeks when we recorded it...
- Jimmy Page

Their debut, self-titled album was recorded at Olympic Studios in 1968, and cost £1,782, including the artwork. Led Zeppelin's debut record featured Good Times Bad Times, Dazed and Confused, and Communication Breakdown. The record landed them a number 6 spot in the UK album charts, number 10 on the US Billboard charts, and even charted top 20 positions in Denmark, Norway, Canada, and Australia.

The debut record was recorded in September and October of 68 and released on 12 January 1969.

Incredibly, the band had only been together for two and a half weeks according to Jimmy Page before they recorded the album.

The entire record took just 30 hours to record and mix over two 15 hour session blocks.