Oliver Sykes donates 2K to Animal Charity after being raided by thieves

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Posted 21.08.2019 09:03
Updated 21.08.2019 10:13


Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes

Oli Sykes has stepped in to help save the day for an Animal Charity in his hometown of Sheffield.

Back in July of this year, an RSPCA Animal Charity Shop were targeted by a group of thieves who stole an invaluable asset the charity needs to survive. The charity shop that sells clothes and other items donated by the public in order to raise funds to help keep RSPCA Animal Shelters running year round was stolen with no signs of it being recovered.

“Our Luton was a vital piece in helping us raise money towards the £3000 daily cost of rehabilitating and rehoming 1000s of animals a year” explains the RSPCA. “We really need your help to keep our small chain of charity shops going and be able to make our Animal Centre secure again.” (Full post is here)

The van is a vital part of the operation, used for collecting larger donations from across the city that residents are unable to deliver directly to the RSPCA store. Without this, the financial impact can be devastating. “All furniture delivery and collection services are currently suspended. We hope to have an update early next week with this”.

Bring Me The Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes, has stepped in to help replace the van for the charity in desperate need of a break. Through his clothing company, Drop Dead Clothing, Sykes released a small selection of limited edition merchandise with all profits going towards replacing the van for the charity shop. Drop Dead helped to raise £2000 to go towards the total 5K needed to purchase a new van, which has now been reached.

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