On December 12th 2019, the UK will face one of it’s most important general elections in its history. With public services collapsing, homelessness at an all-time high in the last ten years, and the NHS about to be sold off and privatised to American big pharma, the UK may be about to turn a corner from which there would be no return.

Our electoral freedoms in this country are over
- Zack De La Rocha

If the Conservatives, led by Borris Johnson, manage to secure a majority in parliament, you can be sure they will rip the country out of the EU causing economic chaos, sell off the NHS and continue to increase austerity measures nationwide crippling communities and people that need support the most.

Rage Against The Machine has, and always will be a political machine, opposing the wealthy elite and standing up for those in need. They famously protested the 2000 Democratic National Convention where 8000 fans showed up in support with RATM lead singer, Zack De La Rocha announcing “Our electoral freedoms in this country are over so long as it’s controlled by corporations! We are not going to allow these streets to be taken over by the Democrats or the Republicans!.”

Rage Against The Machine took to social media earlier tonight to say “UK fans: Your most important election in a generation is on December 12th. This Twitter thread is essential reading for you.”

They were referring to a tweet by TheProgAlliance explaining how to vote out the Tories by using tactical voting. The post said: “The below 8 pics display the best anti-Tory vote in all 628 mainland UK seats. If everyone who does NOT want a Boris Johnson government votes accordingly, the Tories are OUT. Simple.”

One RATM fan replied: “YOU. ARE. LEGENDS. Thank you for this!!! #toriesout #GE2019”

Rage Against The Machine recently reformed in November of 2019 to play a series of concerts and headlining performances at Coachella.

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