As Rob Zombie celebrates the release of his new film, he took some time out to have a chat with Joe Rogan on Rogans YouTube show, Joe Rogan Experience in a 2 hour long conversation about films, music, lawyers and more! Rob explains to Joe how he’d suffer everyday from the Jocks of his high-school, and then he realised everyone is insecure, and his bully ended up asking Rob Zombie for his advice on clothes because he thought he “looked cool”.

Rob talks about how his musical career differs from his film career when it comes to his fans. He’s now as well known for his film work as he is his recordings. “The music fans I can pretty much spot them, but like when some guy comes up to me in an elevator and he looks like a Lawyer or something, which I have to get to grips with when normal people come up and they’re like “Oh man I’m so into this and that”...I figured like Heavy Metal Music is very specific but everybody likes movies so you can never spot the [movie] fans.”

No one from school remembers me, I was just invisible...
- Rob Zombie

Zombies latest film, 3 From Hell, released last week is one of the most highly anticipated of the year. As with many musicians and creative types, Zombie explains he always wanted to get into the film business. “I always wanted to make movies, that was my main goal in life...I loved everything equally [comparing music] but as a kid it all seemed unattainable so it was all fantasy. You can have a crappy band in the garage with your friends but it’s not gonna do anything.”

Rob explains how his early bands use to play around with video cameras “We had a super 8 camera so we’d make crappy super 8 movies but none of it seemed realistic, I thought my life was gonna be worlds worst bike messenger in New York City, that seemed to be what I was destined for”.

“As the bands started taking off and there was a chance to make muisc videos I said ‘fuck it, I’m directing these music videos, this will be film school for me’ and that’s what it sort of became”

“Me and my friends were sort of into Punk Rock like in a place where on one knew what that was and the day we graduated we were hanging out around McDonalds and the main asshole Jock kid came up, who would be your worst enemy started saying “Hey man I’m going to college, where do you guys get like your cool clothes and stuff?” I’m like wait a minute it was 4 years of torture from you and your Douchebag friends and now the day we graduate….so that’s when everyone is so fucking insecure it doesn’t matter and then the next day I was like “I don’t care any more”.

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