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After being given permission to land back in 2003 with their storming single, ‘Get Your Hands Off My Women’, The Darkness have consistently released catchy rock and roll hits with a spandex passion. Like a modern day Queen but inherently more flexible and arguably able to project sonically higher notes, notes that would make Mariah Carey cry.

humankind must consider the essential truths of existence
- Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins and his ragtag crew of old school rock renegades have always been somewhat underrated when it comes to the in depth meanings behind the music they create with most people focusing on their ability to scissor kick their way through a live show. “At the end of days, humankind must consider the essential truths of existence.” explains Hawkins.

Hawkins continues - “This far-reaching communiqué examines man’s brutality to man, the dichotomies that we live within and the alternate realities that exist alongside our blinkered comprehension of the Universe. The song cycle defines human existence through a parable – the slow lingering death and eventual glorious re-birth of rock and roll.”

When you look under the hood of the machine that drives The Darkness, they are eternally thoughtful souls with a solid grasp on a Universe they desire to change. Especially when it comes to the cliche of Rock and Roll.

“A lot of bands have relinquished their duty. Rock and roll is so uniform now. Everybody dresses the same, looks the same, sounds the same. It’s pathetic. It deserves to die. Let’s kill the cliché. Let’s break the crucifix. That’s partly what the album is about.” - Bass player Frankie Poullain

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With a new album due in October, and a new single released today, August 6th, Justin Hawkins offers more insight into what we can expect from their latest offering.

“This is the grandest statement any band has ever made, and the endeavour has taken its toll. In achieving such a mighty goal, a line is drawn and this will be the last traditional music album from The Darkness – having confronted the eternal and ultimate, we must now move on to higher art forms. The future is an open door. Who’s in here?” - Hawkins

Comical music video aside, the one thing you can always count on when it comes to The Darkness is diverse and challenging music. They don’t shy away from the task of getting their hands dirty when it comes to songwriting. The Darkness have always excelled in the field of musical composition, and new single, ‘Rock and Roll Deserves to Die’ is once again a bare ass reminder of their underrated talents as one of Britain's most admired Rock and Roll exports. Albeit a cheeky one this time around.

New album Easter Is Cancelled, out on October 4th through Cooking Vinyl

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26th – Belfast, Limelight
27th – Dublin, Academy
29th – Nottingham, Rock City

1st – Birmingham, O2 Academy
2nd – Leicester, O2 Academy
3rd – Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
5th – Norwich, UEA
6th – Cambridge, Corn Exchange
7th – Bath, Pavilions
9th – Portsmouth, Pyramids
10th – Brighton, Dome
11th – Watford, Colosseum
13th – Manchester Academy
14th – Newcastle, O2 Academy
15th – Glasgow, O2 Academy
17th – York, Barbican
18th – Liverpool, O2 Academy
20th – London, Roundhouse


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