Scott Ian of Anthrax explains how he first discovered Motörhead

Posted 26.05.2019 09:03
Updated 26.05.2019 10:13

Scott Ian


Scott Ian of Thrash Metal pioneers, Anthrax, recently reviewed 5 classic Motörhead records as part of a BMG promotional video to celebrate the reissue of some classic Motörhead albums on vinyl including Overnight Sensation, Snake Bite Love, We Are Motörhead, Motörizer and Everything Louder Than Everyone Else.

Overkill / Bomber was recently re-released on double picture disc 7” vinyl for Record Store Day, April 13th, featuring a new 2019 remaster of the original ‘Overkill’ single edit.

One Motörhead vinyl record - Everything Louder Than Everyone Else - featured some quotes on the actual sleeve from metal musicians that were massive Motörhead fans at the time such as Judas Priest, Tony Iommi and Dimebag Darrell of Pantera.

Scott Ian explains how his quote came to be, as well as how he first discovered the band back in the 80s.

Who are these three mexican dudes and how do they play so fast
- Scott Ian

“A million years ago I got a call from my manager saying that Motörhead was putting out a live record and they were looking guys that love Motörhead, that were influenced by Motörhead, to give a quote about the band”

“I was like ‘yeah of course!’ but then I got kind of really nervous about it because I’m thinking ‘What are you gonna say about Motörhead that’s never been said before, ya know you can’t just be like ‘uh Motörhead rules’”

Scott continues: “So I just started thinking about Motörhead and my whole lifetime with Motörhead...and I went back in my brain to 1980 when I first bought my first Motörhead record ‘Ace Of Spades’”

“I walk in the record store and I’m flipping through the racks and I see this record Motörhead and I kind of heard of them but I didn’t know anything about them, didn’t know what they looked like..nothing”

“I’m looking at this album of the 3 guys on the cover and they just looked so cool...I thought ‘this has gotta be great’ so I buy the record, bring it home, put it on my turntable with headphones and the first song on the album IS Ace Of 16 years old I’d never heard anything like that….hearing that fo the first time in my fucking blew my mind”

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