Since releasing their debut record, Feel The Steel, 10 years ago, Steel Panther has consistently delivered their novelty brand of 80s Hair Metal inspired spandex riffs, much to the joy of many music fans around the globe, time and time again.

Although on the outside, Steel Panther appears to be a gimmick disguised as a commercially viable success, the band have a stream of dedicated followers that truly appreciate their talents. And ultimately, regardless of the lyrical content, or completely over the top solo’s, as musicians, Steel Panther are extremely talented. This is why it won’t surprise you to read that “Music Journalists” such as the NME’s own, Jordan Bassett, described the latest record, Heavy Metal Rules, as having “dumb guitar riffs”.

You can only assume one would naturally critique the use of a musical instrument as “dumb” if they’ve literally never picked up an instrument in their life. You’d think that a prerequisite of being a Music Journalist would be to have a basic understanding of, not only musical instruments, but also be able to recognize musical talent, regardless of the context it's been immersed in. Just because you don’t like the joke, doesn’t render the musician talentless, or the solos dumb.

Steel Panther have been very consistent in defending themselves over the years, and so they should. Are the lyrics childish? Yes. Are they funny? Not to everyone. Are they serious? No. If after 5 albums you still can’t grasp the concept of - They are having fun - then maybe you’re short a few brain cells. Steel Panther are supposed to be entertaining, however, they take the musical aspects of what they do incredibly seriously. From a songwriting point of view, there’s hardly a band out there today that can match Steel Panther on their technical mastery of how to write a catchy tune. Especially a smash hit Rock or Metal song. Let’s also point out, their first 4 records landed them top 20 chart positions in the US Rock Charts.

They’ve also lasted longer than most modern bands and enjoyed a lot more success.

5 studio albums. 2 live DVDs. Not bad for a bunch of dudes in spandex. To all our supporters, we cannot thank you enough. We are lucky to get to rock and entertain you.
- Stix

However, despite this, they are still having to fend off the constant backlash, mainly from people who simply don’t understand what Steel Panther are all about. Take the controversy around the guitar pedal they released last year, the Pussy Melter. Manufacturer, TC Electronic decided to pull the pedal after the band started to receive a great deal of criticism and claims of being sexist and misogynistic.

Really? This offends you enough to take public action but their 4 previous albums at the time had no impact on you? A clear sign of jumping on the social media witch hunt. A witch hunt the very same people would have never been interested in if it wasn’t something they might be able to get attention for themselves via Facebook or Twitter. These people don’t care about standing up for any sexist cause here, just retweets and validation from strangers are the real cause they’re fighting for.

Naturally, Steel Panther drummer, Stix Zadinia, took to social media to defend Panther honor and called out their critiques. “To all the haters and critics who ripped on us (or ANY band ever): I DARE you to write a song. I dare you to put it out to the world. I dare you to try and follow your dreams. I dare you to have real balls. So let’s hear it since you know what’s good. Let us hear YOUR band.”

Ironically enough, just days before, Stix also took to social media to remind Panther fans and the general public of why Steel Panther started this band in the first place. “If you get frustrated daily, we have a song for you. It’s called Fuck Everybody. It’s on our new album Heavy Metal Rules. Go listen. Now. Please and thank you. You’re welcome.” Says Stix.

You only need to look at what the fans say to realize Steel Panther are loved for their music, not sexism or any other fabricated offense. It’s a joke!

“My daughters are 7 and 4. Their favorite song is It Won’t Suck Itself. Kinda fucked up but they think Michaels singing It Won’t Stop Itself. They air drum in the car and throw up the horns. You guys keep doing your thing. Don’t ever change. Best live show I’ve seen.” Said a fan on twitter.

Another fan said “People don't realize how much hard work is put into making these albums and songs. Steel Panther forever”

Steel Panther’s new record, Heavy Metal Rules, is out now. If you don't like it, go stick your head in front of a Gloryhole.

Author Bio: AC Speed

Senior Editor

I started my career as a music journalist in 2013 and have been involved in the music industry as a touring musician, studio engineer and artist consultant since 2002, as well as previously being a signed artist. My passion for delivering high quality, informative music-related news is a daily driving force behind the content I create. Also a huge gaming nerd! Born in the United Kingdom and currently living in Sweden. Skål!


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