The Distillers cancel all tour dates as drummer, Andy Granelli, is hit by a car door


Posted 01.08.2019 09:03
Updated 01.08.2019 12:13

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No, this is not the onion. The Distillers have unfortunately had to cancel all of their current tour dates due to their drummer being hit by a car door.

his right hand taking most of the impact and requiring 40 stitches
- Brody

The Distillers were due to play a string of US dates in August and UK Festival appearance at Reading and Leeds. As it stands they are still looking to play Reading & Leeds, however, this depends on Andy's recovery.

Taking to social media, Brody Dalle explains that Andy was riding his bike when a woman in a vehicle kicked her car door open forcing Granelli to collide with the door and sustaining some gnarly injuries.

Brody’s full statement.

“Andy was in a really bad accident a few days ago that resulted in two very deep gashes ,a broken middle finger and a concussion. He was riding his bike down the street and a woman who was struggling with her toddler inside her car , kicked the car door open and in a split second attempt to avoid it , Andy was badly injured , his right hand taking most of the impact and requiring 40 stitches. This kind of trauma takes time to heal and

unfortunately we’ve had to cancel / postpone our upcoming August American tour before reading and Leeds in the UK. The doctor believes Andy will be healed enough in about 3.5 weeks time and that’s why we are going forth with Reading and Leeds. Hope you can understand , it’s disappointing for us to have to cancel and postpone but Andy’s hand is crucial to what he does and what we do. Much love to you all , See you soon ,
The Distillers xxxx"

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