As incredibly hilarious, entertaining, and interesting the Nu-Metal era was, coming out of the back of the late 90s, many are happy to see the end of it. We quickly became tired of Rollin Rollin Rollin in pimped out rides and crisp Adidas sneakers. The combination of Tom Cruise, Fred Durst, and Red Baseball caps in Mission Impossible films started to become incredibly unbearable.

However, we must not forget how prominent Nu-Metal became when we consider the new genres it opened a commercial door to. Hardcore and Nu-Metal developed into a set of sub-genres that have consistently developed and diversified. The early 2000s showed us that Metal had started to transform into something a lot more aggressive, powerful and destructive. Nu-Metal and Hardcore opened a new path for MetalCore to shine and explode across the globe. But for every Earth Crisis, Killswitch Engage, Architects and Bring Me The Horizon came 100 poor imitations of the same artist. It’s no secret that MetalCore quickly became the new saturated pop factory of Metal, pushing out breakdown after breakdown that came to no end, and no inspiration to follow. You may even ask, “Do we really need any more MetalCore bands?”. The answer is, no.

Whilst it’s great to have a wide array of artists to explore in any single genre, they ultimately blend into the same sound and Drop-whatever-tuning. MetalCore should have died years ago, but it keeps powering through, and do you know why? Because of bands like Architects, Slipknot, Converge, Motionless In White, and now you can add a new one to that list. The Oklahoma Kid. Over the years, only a handful of MetalCore bands have actually managed to contribute something new to the exhausted genre. It’s these bands that consistently deliver progressive, innovative and fresh sounds, pushing the limits of brute audio force to the breaking point. They focus on combining their passion for anger with actual song-writing which is what sets them apart from the 1000s of other MetalCore wannabe acts that completely miss the point of the genre and think they can blow people away by just playing “heavy”. MetalCore requires actual musicianship, not just the ability to chug a Drop C chord.

There seems to be a bustling new MetalCore scene brimming with talent rising up across Germany. Well, it’s been there for some time, however, now it’s starting to see the recognition it deserves and The Oklahoma Kid have put themselves at the front of the pack with their new record SOLARRAY.

David J. Burtscher, Fred Stölzel, Robert Elfenbein, Tomm Brümmer and Andreas Reinhard have personified progress throughout this entire record. Whilst their debut EP Fortuneteller offered a somewhat heartfelt attempt at delivering a powerful album, compared to SOLARRAY, it sounds like a puppy chewing a shoe. SOLARRAY sees The Oklahoma Kid transformed from MetalCore interns to potential torchbearers of the genre. This is an absolutely incredibly brutal album that is not only executed with skill, but ripe with passion. Architects would have been proud to have written this.

If they can replicate the sound of this record in a live environment, expect to see them storm the stages of every Metal Festival in Europe really soon. They deserve it. There’s always room for another band in any saturated genre if they can challenge expectations to the extent The Oklahoma Kid have with this album.

THE OKLAHOMA KID have toured the country with renowned acts such as STICK TO YOUR GUNS, CARNIFEX, EVERGREEN TERRACE and HATEBREED.

Download the album here

Author Bio: AC Speed

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