The search for innocence and hope by killing everything else - The LaFontaines

Dale Lafferty  STAFF WRITER
Posted 02.07.2019 09:03
Updated 02.07.2019 10:13

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The LaFontaines are fresh from their Indie chart-topping, UK Top 40 engulfed album, ‘Junior’, and rolling onto a UK tour. Before they assemble on stage, they have released a gripping video of their new single: ‘Switch Out The Light’.

Darren, Jamie, and Kerr have released powerful new visuals for their latest single. The video puts us front seat with a young man in a yellow jacket as he rampages through a populated building, shooting many of the occupants with his ‘gun’ (his hand pointed like a gun). The imagery is shocking and purposeful.

Frontman Kerr Okan says “One by one, the protagonist turns his ‘gun’ on each individual he encounters, those same characters represent the traits he must kill to achieve the best version of himself. The parts he tries to hide away - the parts that let him down.”

Despite the display of overt terror, the band are optimistic.

The child is highly significant as ultimately we are all searching for that child like state of freedom and creation. Against all odds, the most innocent and hopeful part of the protagonist survives.
- Kerr Okan

The song itself, equally as tense, contrasts abruptly between atmospheric, melodic and harmony stacked choruses, to angst driven, dry and defined verses.

The chorus almost acts as a breathing point, a sense of calm before the storm. When the verse swoops back in, the guitar switches to an alarm and the war-like drums explicate wide and have the listener looking left to right as every space is filled.

For a Top 40 song, however, the production is not among the best. Rap and vocal production is better than ever nowadays, and the rap on ‘Switch Out The Light’ is not crystal clear. With the video being as captivating as it is, it would be ideal to get a greater sense of the lyrics. That being said, the band create a unique sound that competes with no one, and you won’t get this sense of character from anyone else occupying the Top 40 chart.

Where the song lacks in modern production, it makes up for in championing the bands live performances. This raw energy is The LaFontaines.

“This is the song I feel represents our band the most. Capturing the energy of what we do live and beating you over the head with it for three minutes and forty-nine seconds.” - Kerr

‘Switch Out The Light’ comes after a line of singles from the album, ‘Junior’. Each one building closer to the UK tour in September. If getting beat over the head for three minutes and forty-nine seconds with uncompromising live energy isn’t enough for you, then get along to a live show near you this Autumn.


26/09 – Workman’s Club, Dublin
27/09 – Voodoo, Belfast
29/09 – Cluny 2, Newcastle
30/09 – Leadmill 2, Sheffield
01/10 – Headrow House, Leeds
02/10 – Deaf Institute, Manchester
03/10 – The Venue, Derby
05/10 – Academy 3, Birmingham
06/10 – Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
07/10 – Patterns, Brighton
08/10 – Olso, London

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