This week's hottest deals on musical gear from Thomann and Gears4music WEEK 16

Time to upgrade or get some new gear? See what's on offer this week!

Matt Andrews  STAFF WRITER
Posted 17.04.2019 09:03 Updated 17.04.2019 10:13





There’s only one thing better than listening to music and that’s creating it! Whether you're looking for some robust new studio gear to record a new demo, or you fancy picking up some new effects pedals to rip some riffs through your most prized axe, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll be searching through some of the latest gear available on the market, as well as picking out great deals on some of your favourite brands. You might even discover a new brand or two whilst you’re at it.

We’ve teamed up with Thomann and Gears4music, two of the biggest music industry retailers serving over 20 Million customers in the UK, USA, and mainland Europe to bring you the very best in new equipment, and the hottest deals*.

*All of the prices quoted in this article are subject to change at any time, however, were accurate at the time of publishing this article. We [RawMusicTV] take no responsibility for third party retailers adjusting their prices at any given time.

On offer this week!

SubZero BASE-2 Home Recording Bundle

Looking for some new home studio set-up? The SubZero BASE-2 Home Recording Bundle is ideal for musicians of all levels. If you want to record some demos or even lay down some track ideas then this little kit is perfect for you and at an incredible price. Simply hook it up to your laptop and start recording!

Included is the SubZero SZ-AI2 2x2 USB Audio Interface, SubZero SZC-300 Condenser Microphone, SubZero SZ-MH200 Monitoring Headphones, XLR Cable 6m and microphone pouch.

The SubZero BASE-2 Home Recording Studio Bundle is the ultimate studio solution. This pack includes the AI2 audio interface, SZC-300 condenser microphone, monitoring headphones and more! Simply plug your mics and instruments into either of the combination inputs and hit record on your favourite DAW.

Providing you with professional specs, you will capture high resolution sound with the added bonus of zero latency monitoring and preamps with +48v phantom power. Suitable for many different recording projects, this fundamental studio equipment can record podcasts, singing and even acoustic instruments. Get your voice out there with a SubZero Base-2 Home Recording Studio Bundle!

Currently under 149.99

Visit this link for more information and full specs.

Digitech FreqOut Feedback generator

The Digitech FreqOut is an interesting little pedal with a great price tag. Capable of generating natural feedback at any volume with or without distortion including 7 types of harmonic feedback, this metal cased monster will add some seriously interesting ambience to any track your laying down.

Currently under 99.00

Visit this link for more information and full specs.

Harley Benton AirBorne Instrument

Want your instrument to go wireless but don’t want your bank account to go crazy? Check out the Harley Benton AirBorne Wireless system.

This wireless wonder will enable you to run around a stage with a 30 meter radius from your stack. With an impressive 20-20000 hz range and a battery life of up to 6 hours, this little bad boy will have you jumping into the crowd without the fear of being disconnected.

Currently under 91.00

Visit this link for more information and full specs.

SubZero SZSM-5A Studio Monitor, Single - B-Stock

Fancy some new monitors at a super affordable price? Check out this B-Stock SubZero Studio Monitor with 5'' Woofer, Bi-Amplified with Crossover, 70Hz-20KHz Frequency Range and 1" dome tweeter.

The SubZero SZ monitor series has been specifically designed to give accurate sound reproduction that is true to the original. With a wide frequency range, balanced tone and a high resolution flat response, the SZ series will not colour the sound, and deliver a clear and accurate high end, as well as a low and punchy bass sound with a well-defined bottom end.

Currently under 68.00

Visit this link for more information and full specs.