Once guitar player for iconic political noise activists, Rage Against The Machine, Harvard graduate, a founding member of supergroup Audio Slave and now face-melting lead axe-man for Prophets Of Rage, Morello is known globally for his role in modern music and political opinions. Whilst his guitar work is often overlooked, due to the fact that the majority of the music he’s been involved in never really called for copious amounts of insane lead riffs, he’s an extremely accomplished musician.

Trump is an abomination
- Tom Morello

It seems part of the reason he’s proficient on guitar was due to spending 8 hours a day trying to nail lead riffs by the legendary Randy Rhoads. Rhoads was the former guitar player for Quiet Riot but many will know him as the enigmatic shredder for Ozzy Osbourne. He only spent a few years with Ozzy in the late 70s and early 80s before tragically dying in a plane accident.

Speaking to Las Vegas Weekly today, Morello said “When I was practicing my eight hours a day as a teen, “Mr Crowley” was a jam that I just put on repeat and shredded on top of to try to get my Randy Rhoads on.” Mr Crowley is one of Ozzy Osbournes biggest hits, taken from his first solo record, Blizzard Of Oz, released back in 1980 shortly after he left Black Sabbath in 1979. Many artists have cited Black Sabbath as being a major influence in their musical careers. Several big-name bands such as Metallica, Guns N Roses, Slipknot, and even The Smashing Pumpkins have accredited some inspiration to the Black Sabbath. “Sabbath got me started on all that evil-sounding shit, and it's stuck with me. Tony Iommi is the king of the heavy riff," said James Hetfield of Metallica in 2006.

Aside from being a huge Randy Rhoads fan, Morello is also a big political activist and not surprisingly anti-Trump. “Trump is an abomination,” he says, speaking to NME last year. “I think it’s important not to look at him independent of the system that produced him and it was years of these neo-liberal policies that were supported by Clinton and Bush and Obama that caused the working class to really suffer, and they sent their kids overseas to fight in ridiculous, amoral wars.”

Rage Against The Machine were scheduled to play a protest show at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the Republican party is that which is now led by Donald Trump as President Of The United States, however, Rage were surrounded by Riot Police and informed they would be arrested on-site if they so much as touched a musical instrument.

Morello explained later that year in an interview with SuicideGirls: “We showed up at exactly the time we were scheduled to perform, and as soon as we got out of our vehicle we were immediately surrounded by riot police who told us if we approached the stage we'd be arrested for playing music. They said that we were not on a permit for the day's show. We produced the permit and showed them that none of the artists that had already been playing for the previous four hours, including Anti-Flag and Michael Franti, none of the artists were listed on the permits. They just tried to use that as an excuse to stop us from playing.”

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