As Rammstein enjoy a record-breaking album, more sell-out touring dates with their European Stadium Tour of 2019 & 2020, along with what seems to be the biggest stage production show they’ve ever put on, we decided to completely ignore legitimate journalism for the day and focus on something that has quite honestly been racking the brains of literally no one on Earth. Just how far has Flake walked on his treadmill since 2009?

Now, in order to calculate this, we first needed to find out when Flake actually decided to incorporate a treadmill into his synth routine. We headed over to trusty old YouTube and started searching through footage of every single tour Rammstein have graced us with. From the Herzeleid Tour spanning 1994–1997 all the way to the current European Stadium tour. We’ve included ALL dates leading up to the final scheduled date of 2020 which is 4th August in Aarhus, Denmark at Ceres Park.

From all of the footage we’ve analyzed, it appears that Flake first introduced his trusty treadmill during the ‘The Liebe Ist Für Alle Da Tour’ which kicked off on November 8, 2009, Lisbon, Portugal at Pavilhão Atlântico. We then had to calculate the length of each show for every single tour, and how many shows Rammstein played during each tour since the start of the Liebe Ist Für Alle Da tour. We worked out some averages to represent the length of each show for their respective tours and converted the minutes into seconds.

Now, one big problem is the camera is not always focused on Flake and he doesn’t operate his treadmill throughout the entire set so it’s very difficult to calculate exactly what proportion of the show he is on a treadmill. In fact, from all of the live shows we watched and analyzed, it appears he only actually uses his treadmill for approximately 30 percent of every show. You have to remember for much of the show he’s either being chased by Till Lindemann or doing some strange dance across the stage. Not to mention chilling in a boat.

We took the total minutes of all shows which equaled 28950 minutes (avg), converted to seconds (1737000) and then used a walking average speed of 1.5 meters per second to calculate the total he could potentially walk during all of this time. Now, remember, the potential would be if he walked for the entire show, which he does not. The potential is 2605500 meters, of which 30 percent is 781650 meters. 781650 meters converted into kilometers gives you 781.65 kilometers. This might seem like an insane distance for one person to walk, however, when you consider that the average human can cover roughly 5km an hour and Flake has spent around 144.75 hours walking on his treadmill since 2009, the figures actually seem quite reasonable.

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