Forming in 2002, inarguably one of the most iconic culturally diverse cities in the world, it seems fitting that Lucifer Star Machine was founded by a Misfits inspired German singer from Hamburg, in the UK. Tor Abyss, vocalist and seemingly visionary behind the band’s image and direction would plant their roots in Londons once-thriving underground Rock N Roll scene. Most will be familiar with the regular Rock N Roll haunts of London such as 12 Bar Club, Underworld, 100 Club, Intrepid Fox, Purple Turtle and Crobar, all known for hosting regularly infamous bands. Not to mention Camden’s historic alternative scene, a scene that has since dwindled into a distance memory.

We always stood for in-your-face-Rock’n’Roll with a no-bullshit attitude!
- Tor Abyss

Lucifer Star Machine started out as a 5 piece act that was once based in London, touring European countries and sharing stages with the likes of Nashville Pussy and Demented Are Go, not to mention having their debut single, Death Baby’ produced by The Damned’s very own Rat Scabies. Quickly building up an eager following of debauched leather studded jackets and releasing an all-out Rock and Roll debut album in 2005, ‘Fire In Your Hole’. As Lucifer Star Machine grew their audience in the coming years, their ambition grew with it, which is heavily reflected in their music. Consistent development in terms of songwriting and musical style has helped Lucifer Star Machine to define their own sound and image. Most bands imitate, Lucifer Star Machine innovate.

In 2012, vocalist Tor Abyss decided to relocate back to his home town of Hamburg and gave the band a much needed fresh start, as well as opening his own tattoo studio, Skull Island, in the years to come. His passion and talent for old school ink are clearly visible in much of the imagery seen in Lucifer Star Machines artwork, videos and overall look which give the band their own unique selling point, something most bands either completely lack despite trying or simply don’t have the smarts to even consider. It’s Tor’s vision that drives this band forward and set’s the Lucifer Star Machine apart from Rock N Roll wannabe’s.

@Album artwork by Łukasz Jaszak

Singer, Tor Abyss, makes it clear what Lucifer Star Machine are all about, "We set out to record an album with all killers and no fillers. We always stood for in-your-face-Rock’n’Roll with a no-bullshit attitude but are not afraid to write songs which are oozing with pop sensibility. It’s a motherfuckin‘ catchy ballbreaker. Get lucified!"

The Devil’s Breath, released in April 2020 is the latest offering from Germany’s finest. A powerful, cohesive Rock N Roll record. If Motörhead and Turbonegro had a love child with Danzig in the room, this is exactly what it would sound like. As they have done with previous records, once again, Lucifer Star Machine tap into the talent of traditional songwriting, melody and composition to deliver a seriously powerful record in terms of style and execution. Lucifer Star Machine play with melody like gasoline plays with fire, it’s explosive throughout the entire record. Every riff as memorable as the last, every vocal as powerful as the one before it. The album artwork alone is enough to make other band’s cower in the shadows of a band as notable as Lucifer Star Machine. The Devil’s Breath is a true testament to how Rock N Roll should sound.

This is a record to riot to. Eat Dust Mother Fucker!

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