As Chris Motionless and his band, Motionless In White embark on a string of sold-out US dates, Chris sat down with idobi at the House Of Blues in Anaheim to talk old school tours, the impact of Warped Tour calling it a day and mental health.

This new sense of I’m ready to fucking get out fire has been reignited
- Chris Motionless

“I know I’m not alone in the way I feel but for some reason, people always do feel like that even though they know they’re not the only ones struggling with it and when you know that and you know you have that support system behind you it’s so uplifting and it fills your heart and just makes you feel motivated and inspired and that to me is what I’ve taken out of the last 6 or 7 months”

Chris has very much felt like people have been trying to label his band as a generic emo band after their debut 2010 record, Creatures, hit the shelves. He says people didn’t really give the band a chance and often threw abuse at them as opposed to offering support and development. Something we can probably all relate to.

“This new sense of I’m ready to fucking get out fire has been reignited...I’m just very grateful to everything that’s come out of it.”

Chris went through several stages of doubt when it came to his own ability to write lyrics, worried about possible backlash from fans and the general music community. However, he says over the last year he’s found a new fire in his soul, accompanied with a new fuck you attitude if you don’t like what he does.

“It used to be where we felt like we were constantly competing against “Who can write the most toughest and badass FUCK YOU one-liner” and there are many moments on our creatures record that are very “heart-pouring-out” but we were criticised so heavily for it. It didn’t really bother us in the sense of being called that [emo] but the fact that nobody was wanted to open their mind to the band and accept anything that we were doing.”

“Now we’re coming back around to people know that that’s our message and that’s what we stand up for and that’s what we want to fight for but there are other aspects of life besides saying ‘fuck you’.”

Chris Motionless also set up workshops for kids that were going through their own issues to try and share some of his knowledge and experience when it came to handling certain aspects of life. “2016 was such an eye-opener” Chris explains. “It felt so empowering to like be there and help with any of my life experience and advice that I could give to these kids, it was indescribable how powerful that energy was between me and them.”

“We’re a band that came out of the small town blue-collar spirit,” affirms Chris. “We put ten years into growing this and working hard to do what we love the most. We look forward to putting in another ten. Both the area we come from and the fan base brought us to this point. Graveyard Shift is all about that work ethic. It’s been instilled in us. Early on, we realized if you give the time and effort to chase a dream, it’s possible to achieve it by the sheer amount of drive and passion you have.”

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