With the big orange baby still refusing to leave office and a global music industry on its knees, it’s hard to see any form of light at the end of the now quarantined tunnel. Most of us expected flying cars to be a thing in 2020, but instead, wearing a mask has become fashionable for some, and a burden for many. “Corona is something that’s directly affecting me as an artist because I have a lot of friends who are struggling right now with their existence,” says Sebastian Biesler, formally of Eskimo Callboy, rebranded as GHØSTKID with his new solo project. “The election was a big topic as well…my opinion about Trump is that he’s just an idiot and it’s the best that could’ve happened. I still don’t get how somebody like him became president and for me it’s kinda scary,” which is a sentiment shared by many around the globe. However, when you consider that in 2018, kids were smoking Tide-Pods as a “challenge”, putting their lives at risk, it’s not surprising some people voted for Trump.

Isn’t that why we pay a shitload of taxes? To get support when we need it the most?

The biggest issue for artists at the moment is the collapse of the global touring circuit due to Europe and the US going into variations of lockdowns. Europe is facing a second wave and countries like France, German, UK, and Spain are enforcing tight restrictions. “I think it’s probably the right thing to do lockdowns in general but you need to support the people that generate their income with entertainment,” explains Sebastian. “There are a lot of demonstrations right now in Germany because the government still hasn’t found a proper solution to help them and in my opinion, it’s still a big problem that people don’t see all of us as a big part of society.” Millions are out of work, families are starving and governments don’t appear to be helping everyone equally. Live music venues across Europe are facing closure, with many already having to close their doors. “It’s ridiculous that people in the entertainment industry had to stop working to protect all others but there’s no solution to support them. I already heard some stories about people killing themselves because they don’t see any perspective to fix the damage Corona has already done.”

“Isn’t that why we pay a shitload of taxes? To get support when we need it the most? As a musician for example you have to work your fucking ass off to reach the point where you finally can pay your bills and now, you’re not allowed to work. I mean, it’s the absolute right thing to protect people from a virus but you need to protect all of us,” Sebastian says, and he’s right on the money. Once again, the class-war seems to be upon us, not that it ever subsided in the first place.

GHØSTKID tackles many of these issues in his debut, self-titled record, released on November 13th of this year. “I can say that my song Supernøva is telling the story about major ignorance,” he says. “I discovered a lot of ignorance over the past few years and there have been so many warning signs…maybe it is already too late.” It’s hard to deny this when we see a huge rise in racism and right-wing groups taking to the streets in America and Europe. “I mean you just have to turn on the TV, to see what is going on in our world right now and there are still people out there who are still just focussing on themselves. That’s the reason why I wrote Supernøva…if society won’t change, we will face a lot more problems in the near future.” but it’s hard to think things can really get any worse.

Gone are the days when you could wake up in the morning without a care in the world, turn on MTV 2 and be welcomed with new music from the likes of Korn, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. “Back in the day, I was a HUGE Korn fan because I really could identify myself with everything they represented. I was one of those kids who just bought an Adidas jacket because of Korn haha” and what much simpler time we all lived in back then. The only debate going on was if you wore a red cap or an Adidas tracksuit. There was simply no beating a Saturday morning playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder and then hitting the ramps in the afternoon. “I was always looking for “my thing“ when i was younger and skateboarding was definitely a big chapter in my life. I guess everything really started with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater…I was always highly impressed by skateboarding but this game was definitely something that changed everything.” GHØSTKID wasn’t alone here, this culture was the foundation for the Nu-Metal era. “Everybody was listening to punk rock and we did a lot of bullshit…it was more like a lifestyle and when you’re young, there are no rules,” explains Sebastian. “I was that little kid with a neon green Misfits Skull on my deck and everything started with those Punk O’ Rama compilations.”

This was also the era that gave us Marilyn Manson and Bring Me The Horizon. Two artists that were a big influence on GHØSTKID. “Marylin Manson was always an overall influence for me. I really love the whole art concept about the older records and the message behind most of the songs,” explains Seb. “Bring Me The Horizon is one of the bands that are absolutely creative. With every new single they reinvent themselves and you never know what to expect.” Which has been the reason so many BMTH fans have been so divided over the years. From scream-core icons to popstars, they are easily one of the most controversial Metal bands of a generation. “I mean…there will always be people that are talking about “Selling Out“ or “Mainstream“...I guess people need to realise that writing a record like AMO means to work on a really high level cause you break it down to the core.”

The open-minded attitude that GHØSTKID offers is the reason his debut record is so powerful and dynamic. Not only can you hear the brutal influence of artists like Marilyn Manson and Bring Me The Horizon but you can also hear the pure passion that GHØSTKID has channeled into this record. Vocally, even Ollie Sykes would be hard-pushed to match some of the pure visceral screams on offer throughout this record. GHØSTKID has combined so many aspects of so many Nu-Metal bands and created his own natural sound with his debut and it’s seriously impressive. GHØSTKID should rise to the ranks of BMTH, Korn, and Architects status immediately. The re-evolution of Nu-metal has arrived and its name is GHØSTKID. A future pioneer to be adored.

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