Well, this could either make fans super happy or once again see everyone moaning on social media about how Bring Me The Horizon are sellouts, either way, they don’t care, they have a huge fan base and bank accounts the size of a small island. It’s no secret BMTH started out back in the early 00s as an underground screamo band and quickly started to dominate the genre before branching off into other aspects of creativity. It’s important to remember that Bring Me The Horizon were young when they first ventured into the music world so obviously their tastes were bound to change or broaden as they all developed into older versions of themselves. Many people welcomed their change in creative direction with their last record AMO, whilst others started to call them sellouts when they released their 2015 album, ‘That’s The Spirit’ which featured a much poppier side to the Sheffield group.

you either like it or lump it
- Oli Sykes

However, in a new interview with Clash magazine, Sykes has suggested the next BMTH record could be ‘seriously heavy’. “there’s not that many heavy bands that are popular or upfront or fit that same bracket as us,” he tells Clash. “There’s loads of music and styles that we just love and wanted to do, but at the same time, there is a lack of seriously heavy music, and angry music, and passionate music, in that sense, where it’s about rebellion. There’s a lack of that in the mainstream. We want to write another record like that – whether we will or not, I’m not sure, but it’s still what we love.”

Over the last 2 years, Bring Me The Horizon have been heavily criticised for taking such a drastic change in direction, musically. Teaming up with pop stars such as Grimes and Halsey has seemingly been the final nail in the coffin for many long time BMTH fans, which is a shame when you can’t seem to understand that a band you’ve loved for so long simply want to spread their creative wings and experiment. After all, it was their passion for wanting to be different that granted them a platform to grow as artists in the first place. “That’s the thing with artists, especially when you’ve been in a band for as long as we have, and you get bigger… it’s not that you want to get away from where we came from, but there’s all these other things inside that you want to explore, and it’s not necessarily what everyone wants to hear,” Sykes explains.

“People consume music so quickly these days that it’s over so quickly. It’s very difficult once you’re three or four songs in because there’s nothing left to promote as everyone has heard it. No one needs to see a music video for it.” Sykes goes onto hint that the next BMTH album could be out very soon and he also clarifies that BMTH does not intend to stop releasing albums, as was publicised last year. “Whether people like it or not we’re not trying to chase anything, it’s just what we do. We’re just regular people, we’re not these perfect musicians… it’s just very mundane.”

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