Today sees the release of the 3rd studio album by the mysterious and quirky chameleon artist, Poppy. What started out as a conceptual art project via her YouTube channel some years ago, turned into a vast variety of unique music videos and electronic synth-pop melodies, resulting in 2 studio albums. Now, Poppy has turned a dark corner and entered the world of experimental Heavy Metal with her new record, ‘I Disagree’, released today.

Disagreeing with authority and also not being afraid of burning things down and starting over
- Poppy

On May 29, 2019 Poppy released a video called Scary Mask featuring FEVER 333. A well known American band for their political stance on the world, fronted by the charismatic Jason Aalon Butler, formerly of Letlive.

Scary Mask in a terrifying fusion of pop, electronica, thrash and death metal, not a collection of genre’s you can easily mix together.

If the Pet Shop boys had auditioned for Slipknot but instead of Corey Taylor singing, you had a member of Baby Metal screaming melodies in English. It’s seriously confusing but somehow it’s insanely addictive.

Fill The Crown was mindblowing. This seemingly space-aged story set amidst what can only be described as, Satans Viking Style holiday Retreat on a beach, where the devil himself appears to be catching some rays, completely changed my perception of Metal Music.

And the overall stereotypical image of Metal, that is long overdue for a makeover. Do you know how refreshing it is to watch a Heavy Metal video that doesn’t have a beard, camo shorts, or a dean guitar in it?

Poppy is Nine Inch Nails meets death metal sprinkled with a dashing of electronic pop. It’s probably the most surreal record you’re going to hear this year.

You have to take your hat off to Poppy for basically turning around and saying “I don’t care about genre, I’m going to create whatever I want to create”. It’s a very brave move to completely redefine your sound without rebranding yourself at the same time and just leaving yourself wide open to the inevitable backlash that was bound to come from the metal community.

I Disagree is a truly inspirational record, One you seriously need to add to your collection. Poppy has brought a fresh sound to a very saturated genre, not to mention something new to look at other than a bunch of butch blokes in front of flames, blood and skulls in an industrial estate. Her melodic voice perfectly contrasts the brutal riffs throughout. Watch this space as I think you can expect a lot more from Poppy in 2020.

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