CULTURE / Someone made Grand Theft Auto 5 The Movie ‘OVERHEAT’ and it’s incredible to watch

Watch Grand Theft Auto 5 The Movie OVERHEAT
Grand Theft Auto 5 The Movie ‘OVERHEAT’
posted 21 November 2018 09:03am updated 21 November 2018 10:13am

GTA 5 Movie

GTA V Movie

Grand Theft Auto

Although GTA V has been out for some time, it’s still one of the biggest games on any platform played by millions around the globe. Now, someone has created Grand Theft Auto 5 The Movie using in-game footage, Rockstar Editor, and Lightworks a professional movie editing suite.

Grand Theft Auto 5 the movie is called, ‘OVERHEAT’ and is the creation of an avid gamer, and filmmaker, Veljko Vukičević who goes by the name of Vucko100 on his YouTube channel.

He’s been making short series, and gaming videos since 2010 and although his Grand Theft Auto Movie was only published on November 16th of this year, 2018, it’s already had close to a million hits at the time of publishing this article.

GTA V Movie - OVERHEAT features some main characters, gangs, street racing, street parties, crime, killing, police chases and everything you’d expect to see from a GTA V movie. The film is 4 parts long, totalling 1h40 mins. This is the first part.


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