INTERVIEW / Smoking Martha - Have you ever seen the mighty ducks?

It’s always great playing alongside bands that have sustained such a huge following for experience and to gain new fans but this UK tour has been our biggest yet!
Posted 04 December 2018 09:03am Updated 04 December 2018 10:13am

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Fresh off their biggest UK tour to date, Aussie rockers Smoking Martha have managed to build up a strong following across Europe, and with their debut album ‘In Deep’ being re-released via Bad Reputation Records, the band seem to be heading straight for the top.

We caught up with lead singer Tasha D to talk about their recent tour, the origins of the bands name, and The Mighty Ducks!

How was your nationwide tour of the UK. We don’t get many bands hitting up our rainy landscape from so far away in Australia, this must have been pretty exciting for you?
Yes it has been amazing we have found the UK to be so supportive of their live music scene and everyone has been so friendly, we don’t want to leave.

The new record, ‘In Deep’ made its official debut in the UK & Europe on November 9th and we can hear a mix of influences here from bands like No Doubt, Halestorm, and even a bit of Wolf Mother in places, can you tell us what influences you drew on to write the new album?
We all share a mutual love of heavy rock but we each also have so many different influences. When writing this album we really just did what came naturally and tried not to follow trends, it’s important for us to have our own sound!

What can old and new fans expect to see on UK tour?
Lots of energy and passion even when we are absolutely stuffed and have to drive for 5 hours from 3am after a show we will always give our fans everything we’ve got!

You’ve shared stages with bands like Wolfmother, Thunder, Seether, Hardcore Superstar, Fuel, Everclear and more, can you tell us about some of your most memorable concerts and tours so far?
It’s always great playing alongside bands that have sustained such a huge following for experience and to gain new fans but this UK tour has been our biggest yet, one we will never forget, sticking together for 4 weeks in a van show after show on the other side of the world is definitely a major game changer.

It’s quite an achievement for any artist from outside of the UK, especially Australia, to already have a fan based here with only one album under their belt, is this a bit surreal for you?
Yes we can’t even explain how much it means to us, during our tour we have met so many amazing true music lovers people who will travel from one end to the next to catch more then one show and people who travel more then 4 hours just to catch a set from us. We have been truly blown away by the support.

If you had to compare your live sound and performance to another act, who would you compare yourselves to?
We get compared to 70s blondie crossed with Halestorm and The Divinyls but we like to think we have our own thing going on.

What’s the story behind the name of the band, ‘Smoking Martha’?
Before the band was formed my voice was compared to Martha Davies the singer from 80s band The Motels and I won a karaoke Comp singing their main hit “total control”, I found it fascinating that she chained smoked while singing live, hence the name Smoking Martha!!

Do you have any pre-gig rituals you go through before hitting the stage, or just kick back with some beers?
Have you ever seen the mighty ducks? Lol before every show onstage we put all our hands in and chant quack, quack, quack Goose!!

You played the Black Heart venue in Camden, London, an area usually hailed as iconic for its musical diversity in the UK, do you have any plans to explore this iconic area, or maybe an after party to finish off the tour?
We had an amazing show at the Black Heart supporting rock legend Bernie Torme, we couldn’t ask for a cooler way to end our UK tour and yes we partied way to hard, Camden sure is craaazy!!

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