NEWS / The 69 Eyes are officially back in the studio recording their 12th album!

We might here something before the end of the year!
posted 05 September 2018 12:03pm updated 05 September 2018 14:03pm

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SINCE the release of ‘Universal Monsters’ in 2016, the band have been playing a huge amount of shows around Europe and Russia.

The band confirmed on the 29 August that they were back in the the studio and about to start recording.

We can probably expect new music early 2019 or you never know, maybe we’ll get a surprise halloween single or a cover of Merry Christmas to get us through the winter months!

The 69 Eyes always deliver super high quality production in their catchy songs, and no doubt those deep haunting vocals that give Jyrki his signature sound will echo throughout the new record.

Jyrki said in a tweet: "Just in case you are wondering what’s going, here’s a status update: The 69 Eyes have started recording our 12th album with producer Johnny Lee Michaels. Last week @jussi69official recorded his legendary vampire beats down and now we are recording the rest. More updates soon! J69."

So, the drums are down and the rest is being laid down as we speak, let’s see if we get anything before the end of the year!

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