RAMMSTEIN new album due in April 2019 with 5 music videos

Posted 06.01.2019 09:03am Updated 17.03.2019 10:13am

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WATCH // RAMMSTEIN 2019 album news and hear new music

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UPDATE (29 March 2019): The new Rammstein album has been confirmed for release 17 MAY 2019.

Welcome back to Rawmusictv and today we’re bringing you the latest Rammstein news for 2019, and yes, we do have a little clip of one of their new songs

So, if you’re a big Rammstein fan then you’ll know the last album the band released was Liebe ist fur alle da back in 2009 which featured one of Rammstein's biggest songs to date, Pussy…

And, my personal favorite from their entire back catalogue, Ich tu dir weh.

Since then the band have been touring the world and working on their solo projects. Guitarist Richard Z.K recently released Emigrates 3 record, A Million Degrees…

...Singer Till Lindemann recently released the first single from his second solo record, Mathematik which many Rammstein fans were seriously not happy with...check it out..

Last year the band posted some teasing pictures on their social media accounts of the band in the studio which obviously sent everyone into hysteria about the band working on a brand new studio album. We were hoping to have a new release by the end of last year but sadly this didn’t happen.

We then heard rumours that the band would be releasing the new album this year in 2009 and again Rammstein have now confirmed their new record is complete!

In a recent interview with British Rock Magazine Kerrang! Richard Kruspe confirmed the album will be released in April this year before they head out on their mostly Sold Out European Stadium tour starting in June.

He stated: ““We flew to Los Angeles to mix the record with Rich Costey, who has worked with Muse and a bunch of other big bands,” says Richard. “It looks like we will have five music videos coming out this time too. I feel really happy with the album, although a few things might still change, of course.””

Kruspe has also confirmed that the band will release 5 brand new music videos to accompany the new album but has not revealed when they will be released.

As for the title of their 7th studio album, we’re still completely in the dark but no doubt they’ll announce something soon. We also have zero idea what the artwork will look like, however, as soon as we know we’ll let you know so subscribe for the latest updates.

That’s all the Rammstein news we have for now stay tuned for more and as promised, here is a clip of one of their new tracks…..