REVIEW / Atlas : Empire - The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet

Scottish alt-rockers Atlas : Empire release debut LP 'The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet' (Out 7th December)
Posted 06 December 2018 09:03am Updated 06 December 2018 10:13am

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Atlas : Empire Review

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Scottish alt-rockers Atlas : Empire have been developing their unique sound over the past few years with the release of three EP’s and a heavy touring schedule throughout the UK, EU, and even Canada. There is, without doubt, a new wave of rock bands currently crawling out of the beer-soaked woodwork. It’s a fresh sound, a nostalgic sound, and even inspirational at times, Atlas : Empire are definitely part of that new wave.

It’s safe to say there’s a severe lack of innovation present in many artists that have risen to the “top” and found success. They’ve found their comfortable niche and made it their home. Atlas : Empire, however, project their passion and hunger for development throughout their debut album, The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet. It’s heartfelt, to say the least.

Remember the first time you heard ‘Artist In The Ambulance’ by Thrice, or ‘Used For Glue’ by Rival Schools and it just made you step back and say “Holy Fuck”, well, you can relive that feeling with The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet.

Whilst it’s clear Atlas : Empire have focused on high-end production for their debut record, they haven’t sacrificed the raw quality of their talent. They’ve found a perfect balance between professional quality and memorable sound. There are too many throwaway “hit” records that just play with your sweet spot, giving you your quick fix of power chords. The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet is one of those records that you’ll back on in years to come, like a high school sweetheart you always remember having good times with.

The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet is one of those records you’ll argue with your friends about who discovered it first.

WATCH / Atlas : Empire - Hostess

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