REVIEW / Cypress Hill’s ‘Elephants On Acid’ is exactly what it sounds like...trippy as fuck

Cypress Hill release their first new record in 8 years and it doesn’t disappoint.
posted 07 October 2018 09:03am updated 07 October 2018 10:13am

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Cypress Hill New Album

Cypress Hill Review

Cypress Hill Elephants On Acid

AMERICAN West Coast rappers Cypress Hill are not only seen as one of the innovators of rap, but they also portray some of the most iconic imagery to date when it comes to individuality, and their new album, ‘Elephants On Acid’ shares that same unique passion and innovation.

Their iconic vocal style has been seamlessly mixed with ancient India sounding instruments and heavy slow hip-hop beats. To match the imagery of the album artwork, this record takes you on a musical yet spiritual journey with hints of sinister danger throughout. Considering today’s current climate of “Rap”, which is essentially face tattooed gimps that couldn’t mumble their way out of a Dunkin Donuts, Elephants On Acid is a seriously refreshing breath of acid filled air that truly transports your audio sensory perceptions to another dimension.

Anything can happen when Muggs, B-Real, and myself get together to record, - Sen Dog.

Probably the first striking thing you’ll notice about the record is the fact that it’s 21 tracks long. This would usually be quite a daunting prospect for any listener to approach, and quite risky when you think about the average attention span of today’s zombified skin sack. However, you need to remember who you’re dealing with, you’re being taken on an insane ride with Cypress Hill, a rare group of talented artists that create art as an expression of their true selves and identities, as opposed to every other rapper on the planet that seems to be solely concerned with “slapping bitches” and “getting that bling”. I mean Jesus Christ, can you seriously not think of anything else to “rap” about other than cars, money, and weed.

This is the difference between the new generation of truly horrendous mumble-rap chicken heads and old-school talent. Cypress Hill want to make records, they want to achieve musical Nirvana, not get more Instagram followers.

WATCH / Cypress Hill - Locos feat. Sick Jacken

Elephants on Acid [Explicit] - Cypress Hill

Elephants On Acid is a seriously unique and innovative record by any genres standards and should be revered as an iconic album.

“We were kids when we first got together. We’ve grown up as men now, but the chemistry is still the same. When we first came out in the nineties, we sounded like nobody else; we sounded like ourselves. This is another continuation”.

The album is both a trip back to the roots and an escape into a completely new world. - B-Real.

Sen Dog: “We wanted to achieve something new, and make something different from the last album. Not that we hated the last album, but we wanted something with a heavy Cypress vibe on it and we achieved that! It’s a pure Cypress Hill album from start to end.” (NME)

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