REVIEW / Daily Thompson - ‘Thirsty’ is fuzz blues Rock and Roll at it’s finest

posted 16 November 2018 09:03am updated 16 November 2018 10:13am

Daily Thompson Review

Daily Thompson Album Review

Daily Thompson New Album

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November 9th saw Daily Thompson release their 3rd full length album, ‘Thirsty’. The trio were formed in 2013, then with another drummer. With present drummer, Stefan Mengel joining the band back in 2015. The band are from Dortmund and began to find fame within Germany before being able to make themselves known internationally, in the UK, Spain, France and Italy.

Daily Thompson have played many tours in the past few years alongside festivals such as Orange Blossom Festival, Crossroads and Reeperbahn. The band have had the opportunity to share stages with the likes of Nebula, Earthless, Mustasch and many more.

Although it seems as if Daily Thompson are constantly touring, they also always seem to be churning out music of a high standard. ‘Thirsty’ follows the trio’s self-titled debut album (released in 2015) and the second full length album, “Boring Nation” followed that in 2016. During the production of ‘Thirsty’ the band took a 3 month break from being on the road to “Focus on writing and producing” the record.

Within ‘Thirsty’, Daily Thompson aim to fuse ‘noise, indie-blues and stoner rock’ together, to produce some serious hits that will only sound even better live.

‘Thirsty’ opens with ‘Please You’ the grunge and garage influences are extremely hard to miss. ‘Please You’ holds a catchy chorus, and is written about pleasing someone you have an interest in, and how sometimes that’s not as easy as it sometimes appears.

The band describe themselves as being ‘fuzz rock, desert blues and indie-inspired guitar-based noise rock’ with the grunge influence even more clear on intense track ‘Awake’ which is insanely catchy featuring an amazing drum technique and a crazy instrumental breakdown before the last chorus.

‘Nowhere’ is slightly different to the rest of the tracks and features many blues elements, this track again features beautiful instrumentation teamed with an exceptional vocal making a stand out track upon this album.

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‘Stone Rose’ is the longest track upon ‘Thirsty’ standing at 8 minutes and 26 seconds long. Yet this seems to fly by as you are entranced by the flawless guitar and vocal combination, this track is filled to the brim with solo’s and towards the end the vocals fade out, with the guitar, bass and drums then taking over.

‘Roots’ is the track that follows ‘Stone Rose’ and is a surprising change in comparison. Bassist Mercedes Lalakakis takes over the backing vocals on ‘Stone Rose’ and even has a solo, with her bass playing also then put into the spotlight.

Another flawless track comes with ‘Spit it Out’ which hands everything to you. The rhythm of this song pushes everything else forward, ‘Spit it Out’ is destined to become a track that will sound insane live.

Thirsty doesn’t disappoint, the album beholds some wonderful tracks that combine to make a stand out album. Daily Thompson think outside of the box and produce something unique to them within this release, their combination of their signature fuzz, wah wah and distortion is really special.

WATCH / Daily Thompson - Brown Mountain Lights

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